PNG the next Fiji? Constitutional crisis looms
Now is the time for all good citizens

The tough are starting to get going


MOSES MALADINA may have misled the PNG Parliament, claims a senior legal officer from the Solicitor General's Office.

Sam Koim also claimed that Governor Luther Wenge may have been in on the actl, given his legal background.

"What I would like to state here is the way Mr Maladina has cleverly ushered the bill to be voted on by a 83-0 majority of the MPs in Parliament,” Mr Kom said.

“I further extend this by addressing on the issue whether the amendment to Section 27 (4) and others that received the 83 MPs' blessing is already a law, as is claimed by Hon Moses Maladina and Hon Luther Wenge.

“Both of them happened to have some legal background and have been around Parliament long enough to know the procedures stipulated in the Constitution and the Parliamentary Standing Orders.”

The tough are starting to get going but will this be enough to pull PNG back from the edge? Now, more than ever, public support is needed to help preserve the country from corruption and political intrigue.

A central issue here is why hasn't any PNG government or Opposition member called for the police to investigate and charge those implicated in the Moti Report?

The recommendations from a senior PNG judge have been tabled in the Parliament. Why hasn't any action been taken? Why haven't the police been asked to investigate?

Silence implicates those who maintain it.


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Phil Fitzpatrick

I think Reg might be making a suggestion here. Wonder if there are any PNG cops reading this blog.

Paul Oates

Reg, you're right. There seems to be a short circuit in the current process by which any action of this nature can be initiated.

I wonder who could lay a complaint that the police would be required to investigate? The Speaker? The PM? One of those who are apparently implcated? I can't see that happening any time soon.

Could an MP raise the complaint with the police? What about someone in the Opposition? If there is no case to answer, as has been suggested by some, why not establish that through the proper channels?

If there no one who will start the process, how can the air be cleared?

Reginald Renagi

Who will have the bloody guts to ask the police to do the job? No one seems to have the balls to do it.

The Police Commissioner should have been proactive enough by now to action the report's key recommendations. So far he is waiting for either his Minister or someone in the Attorney General's Ministry to tell him to get on with his job. He has failed here by doing nothing so far.

The head of those authorities responsible to ask the police to action this report are all political appointees and are simply afraid for their jobs. What a disgrace! What are cop out!!!

We need a brave cop to stand up now and do it without waiting for the Police Commissioner to formally direct him to do it. It will be most interesting to see the exact reactions of police bosses if a bunch of junior cops concerned for PNG's national interests decide to now fast track a stalled conviction process by the state?

Now these police bosses can not afford to tell their subordinates to halt it, would they?

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