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AS A CONCERNED citizen of PNG, I am saddened to see this nation facing so many problems - politically, economically, socially and constitutionally.

No doubt, the future of this nation is at risk, and I do not know how the next generations will live.

Both Government and Opposition must feel ashamed of themselves.

The noisy people in the parliament are the same people who led the nation from the independence. They must be blamed for the problems we are facing because we are reaping what they have planted in the last 40 years.

What have the so-called chiefs and fathers of this great nation really achieved?

Much of the failing infrastructure we see today is that which was established by the colonial government before independence in 1975. They’ve achieved nothing from what I can see and conclude.

They get knighted and bestowed with chiefly titles for nothing.

It is disgusting to hear these people make a lot of noise. I mean leaders like Sir Mekere, Sir Michael, Sir Julius, Paius Wingti and others. What have they done for the country in the last four decades?

Although PNG is rich in natural resources, we are still poor and live below the poverty line. The people have lost their trust in their leadership.

In 2006, the inflation rate rate was around 3%. Now it has skyrocketed.

The government should quickly step in and take measures to control rising inflation.

The Government and Opposition should not just sitting in parliament attacking each other and making a lot of noise when, in the real world, nothing is happening.

The people are tired of hearing the same noise they made for the last 40 years.

Stop corruption and bring some real change to the long suffering people of PNG.


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Joe Wasia

It seems defaming to tell such terrible things about PNG but we cannot deny the fact.

PNG's chiefs and fathers have nothing to show us after 40 years of independence. They get knighted and bestowed for nothing.

They lost plot and bumped into walls. They blatantly dumped PNG. It's crazy, numbskulls!

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