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Nahau Rooney should be PNG’S next GG


Watch out Papua New Guinea! Get ready for our first woman Vice-Regal in 35 years.

Is this prognosis too far-fetched in a predominantly man’s world like our society?

Not really. PNG has been ready a long time, but our parliament and government have not. Let us change this trend today.

The outgoing Sir Paulias Matane, supports the idea of PNG having its first Governor-General in future. And many citizens will wholeheartedly agree with one of PNG’s most respected and best performing Governors-General since independence.

Prime Minister Somare and every Member of Parliament must think about this important decision for parliament to vote in a woman as Governor General after Sir Paulias’s term of office has expired.

Let our parliament now create history this week and confirm Nahau Rooney as Governor-General designate in a fortnight’s time.

Australia’s appointment of Quentin Bryce, former sex discrimination commissioner and Queensland Governor in September 2008, ended 107 years of male stranglehold on the vice-regal post - a great breakthrough for the women of Australia.

Canada has had a woman for the past five years. Michaulene Jean is a most remarkable woman who achieved much in public life. Many admire her as she has struggled long and hard from humble beginnings, settling in Canada with her parents as an eight-year old from Haiti.

PNG can do the same thing. There are a few good women around who would make an ideal future choice. However, there is one I highly recommend: Ms Nahau Rooney CBE CMS.

Nahau Rooney is a respected former MP who first entered parliament as the Member for Manus Open.

Over a 10-year period, she performed commendably by holding four key Ministerial portfolios: Liquor Licensing & Correctional Services, Justice, Decentralisation & Provincial Government, and Civil Aviation & Air Niugini.

After leaving parliament, she became Director of the Forest Industries Council, Deputy Chairman of the Air Niugini Board and a member of several organisations: including the Airlines Investigation Commission, UPNG Council, National Fiscal Economic Commission, Law Reform Commission, Pihi Manus Association and the Manus Provincial Government Assembly.

In recent years, she has taken up different roles in non-government organisations. Her efforts as a concerned community advocate for ordinary people has resulted in a number of positive development outcomes, especially in issues affecting women and children.

Nahau Rooney has been a single parent since 1990 and is very much concerned for the marginalised sections of society. Like Sir Paulias, she will do her utmost best to positively contribute to national development.

I call on our Prime Minister and parliament to please put your political differences aside and agree on making Ms Rooney the first woman Vice-Regal.

For PNG, this would be a great breakthrough moment. It would also be a very good thing for all Papua New Guineans to have a respected role model who captures the spirit of modern PNG.


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Mari Ellingson

Nahau for GG! I fully support Reg and others on this.

Meri Buka

100 persent support in what you say Reginald. I definitely want to see a woman like Nahau Rooney as PNG's next Governor-General. More power to PNG Women!

Vagi Nalika

Great stuff! I fully support Reginald in recommending Ms Nahau Rooney as PNG's next and first woman Governor General to replace Sir Paulius Matane.

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