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PNG law firm tries to block local websites


A LAW FIRM has been accused of trying to stop PNG websites mentioning matters referred to in a suppressed report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department.

The PNG Exposed blog says “Paul Paraka Lawyers are trying to intimidate internet service providers in PNG into blocking private emails that refer to them” and certain other people.

“They are also trying censor the internet by getting ISPs to block access to websites and blogs including PNG Exposed, PNG Blogs, ACTNOW! PNG and the Nancy Sullivan Blog,” says PNG Exposed.

The website publishes a letter of 4 June to internet provider Global Technology in which Mr Paraka says “the general public are currently accessing and disseminating false and unfounded rumours about our Law Firm”.

This is an “extraordinary attempt to interfere in private communications between individuals and to censor the internet”, according to PNG Exposed.

“Paraka Lawyers claim that there action is justified by a Court Order – but that order makes no mention of blocking email traffic or stopping access to the internet sites and makes no reference to Internet Service Providers,” the website argues.

“Paul Paraka Lawyers are mentioned more than 150 times in the 800-page report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department that reveals how K780 million was stolen from public funds between 2000 and 2006,” it goes on to say.


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A Warahuli

Politicians have now got a nice christmas present in a 52% pay hike.

Most are f**kups who are there at the expense of the ordinary people to fill their pockets, marry three wives, have a nice house and an expensive 4x4 under their house.

Let's overthrow this corrupt goverment now. Our brothers in Fiji have done it. Why not us. Where are the army and the police force.


Hi, Mr Jackson - According to the letter, it was not Mr Paraka who wrote the letter, it was Mr Kepson Pundu, his general manager.

It is quite true that it is hypocritical for a democratic country to silence the voices of the people. It is indeed wrong to target the Internet provider involved in this debacle.

Wilson Willa

In a democratic country like ours, why on earth should someone stop people from expressing their opinions.

It is embarrassing if the internet service providers have been threatened. Now we know corruption is not only with the politicians but lawyers too. If the government and legal system are corrupt, I don't know where are we going to end up.

Where the hell on earth is this country heading? Please someone tell me.

Kasi D

SPREAD THE PARAKA LETTERS! Paul Paraka until now has successfully managed to stop all material describing his and his colleagues thefts of hundreds of millions of kina from getting out to the greater public. Now the man has made a mighty stumble, he has provided us all the information we need to break open the doors of this story. Anyone who sees the letter will immediately suspect that something suspicious is going on behind the scenes. SO SPREAD THE PARAKA LETTER! Photocopy it, post it, e-mail it, do whatever you can to spread the word to all your wantoks inside PNG of what is going on. TELL THEM to further photocopy and post Paraka's letter. Paraka just gave us the rope he needs to hang himself by writing that letter because there is NOTHING ILLEGAL about spreading his own letter!! PLEASE DO IT!

Reginald Renagi

Effrey - Stay on your present course without fear or favour, and never succumb to threats of any kind. Do not divert from your final destination.

ACT NOW! has now opened an avenue or opportunity for the good people to express what they feel their leaders and others are doing or not doing to properly govern our country.

Keep up the great work you are doing as you have the public's support.

Effrey Dademo

ACT NOW! was alerted to this letter through an email copied to hundreds others.

For the record, ACT NOW is a registered organisation with a website. We have regular updates and weekly action alerts to our registered members.

We find such attempts to block our communication as a threat to freedom of communication.

Mr Paraka can visit our website and check out the contents, none of which relate to Mr Paraka or the findings of the Commission of Inquiry, which he himself has prevented from being published in PNG.

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