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Reported K15M fraud demands police action


IN WHAT, according to the PNG Finance Commission of Inquiry, appears to be a case of massive fraud, an article in PNG Exposed details how the government has shelled out millions of kina in fraudulent payments.

The Inquiry reported that Pacific Paradise Foods and another were unlawfully paid K14.85 million.

If the investigation is complete and factual evidence i available, the PNG police service must take immediate action to bring this matter to court.

The money that has been reportedly stolen from the state could have built new accommodation for those hard working policemen and their families who live in sub standard accommodation around the country.

Why hasn't the Public Prosecutor taken immediate action on this report and the many other findings from the high level Inquiry?

The money that has reportedly been stolen from the government could have paid for more staff for the Public Prosecutor to take legal action against those who are bleeding PNG dry.

If the PNG authorities cannot act on what appears to be a clear cut illegal activity, perhaps they themselves should be investigated by the PNG Ombudsman Commission to determine why this is so?

Perhaps the Chief Ombudsman could issue a public statement to the effect that any public authority not clearly and energetically carrying out the activities it has been set up to do will be required to publicly state why not.

The Ombudsman Commission could well have used the reported K15m in fraudulent payments to investigate further malpractice and malfeasance.

Maybe the Ombudsman's review should also look at the Solicitor General and any PNG government audit body who have apparently been paid to a job they appear to be unable to carry out.

In business, if you can't perform what you set out to do, your business goes bankrupt and you lose everything. In PNG however, if you are in a government authority that doesn't do what it is paid to do, you continue to get paid.

In many people's eyes, that situation could be another glaring case of fraud.


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