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Somare continues anti-Ombudsman push


THE SOMARE government has responded derisively to public concern about the so-called Maladina Amendments, designed to gut the powers of the Ombudsman Commission to investigate political corruption.

Petitions opposing the amendment from thousands of Papua New Guineans were returned yesterday without being taken note of by the National Parliament.

The petitions had been received in May by Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta, Sam Basil MP and three other politicians because nobody in the government was willing to accept them.

“The people had spoken and had rejected the Maladina amendments outright,” Mr Basil said.

Anti-corruption advocates will now get their legal advisers to look at options before deciding on further action.

Two options being considered are a nationwide demonstration in July and seeking the assistance of provincial governments in joining a Supreme Court reference on the amendment.

The government used its numbers to stop the petitions being taken note of in Parliament. Since 4 May the Speaker, on advice from the government, had refused to table them.

Civil society group chairman, Noel Anjo, said the public had sent a clear message to the government that people were against the Maladina Amendment.

Source: ‘Thumbs down for OC petition’ by By PETER SEA, PNG Post-Courier, 18 June 2010


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Recently Radio Australia interview showed that Somare is contemptuous and abusive towards journalists. His increasingly erratic behaviour suggests that he may be suffering from dementia.

Paul Oates

'Let God take control', says PNG Police Commissioner when as Chairman, he addressed the National Anti Corruption Alliance (NACA) yesterday.

Public servants should not be overcome by temptation and uphold godly principles
Commissioner Baki is reported as maintaining.

While agreeing with Commissioner Baki that he is on the right track, I suspect it might have been some time since he read his Bible.

"Let me remind you of the biblical phase that goes; "Money is the root of all evil", the Commissioner said.

With respect however Commissioner, you have either been misquoted or I suspect you have misquoted the good book.

The actual expression is from Timothy 1: Ch.6 Vs. 10 : 'For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.:...'

Money by itself is just a medium of exchange. Its people who create the problems and break the law.

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