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Bougainville scrutinises all foreign business


ALL FOREIGNERS involving in business activities on Bougainville will be screened following a new directive from the new president of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, John Momis.

Mr Momis expressed deep concern about the increasing number of foreigners involved in unapproved commercial projects in the autonomous province.

He said that the situation was particularly serious in Central Bougainville with projects like the sale of scrap metal from the old BCL copper mine.

There were also illicit sales of oil from the Loloho powerhouse and alluvial gold mining in special mine lease areas on the Kawerong and Jaba rivers.

Mr Momis said that there were dangers in dealing with foreigners not approved by the government.

He said that the ABG will be establishing checkpoints at airports and wharves to make sure foreigners are screened for passports, visas, work permits and local contacts.

He said the exercise was not to stop Bougainvilleans entering into partnership arrangements with investors but to make sure foreign partners are honest and capable.

All new applications will go through a screening committee set up by the Bougainville Administration.

The president has also warned people who are misusing and holding government assets to return them or face the consequences.

He said law and order must be restored if the province is to attract investment by Bougainvilleans and foreign partners.


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Dale Dimmes

Why did the President give approval to an Indian scrap metal buyer for the scrap metal on Bougainville?

I think it must have been illegal but the President approved. This is bias!

It was in today's 'Post-Courier'.

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