PNG mooted as refugee centre for Australia
Australia, stop encouraging PNG corruption!

Nasfund: Portrait of a business doing good


PNG's NATIONAL superannuation fund, Nasfund, recognises that there are important not for profit organisations that would struggle to survive without support from corporate and donor agencies.

As a Fund of more than 300,000 diverse members, it understands that many face very difficult social issues that impact on their work and quality of life.

Nasfund is not a social institution. Our major objective are the maximisation of member wealth. But this does not mean we cannot be oblivious to the needs of the community.

While we do not have endless resources to meet the challenges facing by the community, Nasfund does assist with in kind support, and in some cases direct funding, to certain causes that reflect our corporate ethos.

It continues to champion human rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and the need to build a strong governance platform.

Unfortunately we are slowly seeing many of these fundamental values placed on hold or being eroded through corruption and blatant self interest.

No individual or business can afford not be involved in pushback – in holding the line to ensure that a just society ultimately prevails.

As part of its support for these values, under the Nasfund roof technical support is given to a number of organisations.

HIV/AIDS is perhaps the greatest threat to the nation at present. Unchecked, and lacking proper dissemination of information on preventative measures, PNG could face major social dislocation - from low productivity, falling economic output, human rights abuses and even erosion of sovereignty.

Without proper education on dealing with HIV/AIDS in a non discriminatory, stigma free environment, we open up the possibility of divisive, hurtful and unfair treatment of our people. This is why Nasfund is solidly committed to HIV/AIDS awareness.

The Coalition for Change is another organisation to which NASFUND gives assistance. Family violence is a national disgrace. The low value placed on women continues to perpetuate cycles of disadvantage in education and participation in national decision making.

There is never a justification for the abuse of women and children. While some men justify such actions either through culture and or their “rights”, no just or moral society can ever develop while remaining aloof from this major social problem.

The PNG Institute of Directors with a membership of over 300 is a growing organisation committed to the promotion of corporate governance. Nasfund rescued the PNGID from collapse five years ago when it suffered major fraud. It was rehabilitated and now it is flourishing.

This year, Nasfund provided Buk Bilong Pikini with free office accommodation and access to technical support. This organisation is managed by a group of dedicated women who aim to spread literacy among children. Fostering a culture of literacy in PNG from early childhood is a development issue.

In the short time Buk Bilong Pikini has been operating, it has established six children’s libraries with full-time teachers. These are free of charge to children in settlements in Port Moresby, Lae and Goroka. A truly extraordinary program.

Nasfund also provides access to its electronic database of 25,000 addresses to a number of organisations like Transparency International and the Community Coalition against Corruption.

This has been of great benefit in galvanizing the community in the now annual Walk Against Corruption which has raised over K900, 000 for the Sir Anthony Siaguru Endowment Trust and for grassroots petitions against changes to the powers of the Ombudsman Commission.

By supporting groups of professionals who want a better PNG, Nasfund assists to facilitate the cross pollination of a broad church of civil society, ensuring our corporate ethos reinforces the community’s desire for positive change.


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