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THE PNG Post-Courier is reporting this morning that Sir Michael Somare will stand down as prime minister before 14 August, with his new deputy Don Polye favoured to take over.

Mr Polye is expected to announce his candidacy for the top job which will be decided at a National Alliance caucus meeting in Minj in the new Jiwaka Province on 13 and 14 August.

Apparently Sir Michael has said he will step down as leader of the National Alliance, which effectively means the end of his prime ministership.

Mr Polye said he would make public his candidacy at the convention, telling reporters it was time for another national leader to come from the highlands.

“Now is the time to give a chance to the highlands region,” he said. “With the new ministries, I do not think the Somare-Polye government will fall.

“The opposition cannot go and oust a government when you do not have a notice in parliament,” Polye said.

He said the opposition was trying to mislead the public and create instability within government.


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Reginald Renagi

Prime Minister Somare has lied about doing this many times in the past just before the last three national elections. The PM can not be trusted to keep his word.

Somare is secretly hoping he can convince his NA party members to support his son Arthur who has created a lot of problems for his father. A lot of the present disharmony within the party is caused by Arthur due to his arrogant, and disrespectful attitude to coalition and opposition members in and outside parliament.

Arthur is too proud for his own good. At this stage he has much to learn and is not a good PM material as yet. He may be a loose cannon now for his father's party and could endanger some of the good things the Chief has done in recent times.

The recent changes in the NA party has not even brought positive changes. Its leadership is still perceived by the people as very corrupt. Don Polye will only be successful if he puts in a good team but not with PM Somare still as PM. Somare is the real problem now for the goverment coalition and is bad for PNG.

Somare must be quickly replaced as leader of the NA party at the party convention next month because the problem will still remain for Polye to get the top job. Somare will not want this going to a highlander for obvious reasons.

Joe Wasia

The ball is on your side now, Mr Polye. Many Papua New Guineans have trust and confidence in Mr Polye as he is an honest and reputable leader. We believe he will be the next prime minister of PNG no matter what.

He has a reputable and shining leadership which he maintained since his election in 2002 as a member for Kandep Open in Enga Province. He is a young, visionary and vibrant leader who has a potential to take this nation forward.

Mr Polye is one of a very few MPs who have a heart for the nation. As Minister for Works, Transport and Civil Aviation he has initiated a lot of projects including new and existing infrastructure.

I hope he will make a reality of the things he mentioned as a Minister. He said he needs funds to make the Highlands Highway a four lane road. He also mentioned about building a railway from Gulf to Morobe, and many other major projects.

We believe he will take this nation forward to next level. However, I’m afraid he might be infected with the disease that current National Alliance leaders have.

Polye, we admire your leadership as an MP, not NA stability or whatsoever. Wash out all the old scars and lead this nation with the vision you have. The stains may not discolour your leadership.

We are on your side not because NA has a parliamentary majority but we have trust and confidence in you. Sir Michael, give this young man a go. PNG needs this man.

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