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Sir Paulias’s re-election was lawful say judges


CONFUSION ABOUT the legality of the re-election of PNG Governor-General, Sir Paulias Matane, has been resolved by the judiciary.

Three candidates ran against Sir Paulias for the vice regal post when his term came to an end late last month.

At the time, Speaker Jeffery Nape said that, because Sir Paulias was being proposed for a second term, the Constitution required Parliament to determine his eligibility for re-appointment by a two-thirds majority.

In this eligibility ballot Sir Paulias surpassed the requirement, securing an 84-13 majority.

But there was surprise when Sir Michael Somare moved a motion to resolve that Sir Paulias be appointed for a second term as it was expected there would be a further ballot for the vice-regal post between Sir Paulias and three other nominees.

There was “chaos and confusion” in Parliament and members supporting other candidates exchanged abuse, bringing the House into turmoil.

When Sir Paulias was declared re-elected, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge shouted that “democracy has been hijacked”, and Enga Governor Peter Ipatas cried “why are you hijacking this House”.

At the time Sir Paulias Matane told PNG Attitude – where there was also vigorous debate on the matter - that “the 'win' is likely to be taken to court due to misunderstanding of the law”, adding “let's wait and see”.

Now a court has ruled the election valid and lawful.

“I am sure you have heard, read and watched on TV all kinds of bad comments about my 'illegal' and ‘so-called’ appointment as the ninth Governor-General,” Sir Paulias says.

“What people do not know is the fact that what was done was not illegal.

“Four judges looked at the issue very carefully and, on Tuesday before my swearing in ceremony on Wednesday, they came up with a decision that there was no illegal practice done.

“In other words, what was done was legally correct.”

So that’s that then.


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Reginald Renagi

Hope this is the end of the bad publicity stuff for the good GG. This will now give time for Sir Paulias Matane to go on doing good things before the next government after the elections in 2012.

The next government will then come up with its new man to replace the Vice Regal after his second term of office is up.

The Vice Regal is the better Grand Chief that PNG has at the moment and unfortunately his good name has being tarnished in the recent games being played in the Haus Tambaran of late.


This all sounds very convenient. It would be very interesting to know which judges were consulted and to see their decision.

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