Bainimarama's actions ‘normal’ – Somare
How Oz gave PNG the wrong political system

That sound you hear is heads being scratched


THE CHIEF has again peremptorily bent the rules and jetted off in the family aeroplane to see his friends in Fiji in the secure knowledge that on his return and with a bit more judicious tweaking he may survive until the next election in 2012.

In his wake he leaves a puzzled population staring at its toes and a disgruntled horde of PNG-watchers scratching their heads. What happened? Is that it? It’s suddenly become boring. So predictable – a PNG ground hog day.

I was on the point of responding to John Fowke’s provocative article on the Westminster system by suggesting that what is missing in PNG are two opposing ideologies – socialism versus capitalism.

I was going to suggest that when the LNG (liquefied natural gas) Project gets going full steam, its workers might like to unionise and form a movement to replace the in-name-only PNG Labor Party.

They could take on the corrupt Tory elite. No more rabble of myriad clan loyalties but a true democratic fracture into opposing ideologies.

Reg was right, it’s all a bit redundant now. It’s never going to happen. May as well shelve the link to PNG Attitude until 2012 when it might liven up again and take up John’s offer of a cold beer. It’s going to be déjà vu from here on.

Then again, maybe it could be a useful respite. I was tidying up my library the other day and came across a copy of Vincent Eri’s book, The Crocodile. Do you know that was probably the first novel published by a Papuan writer? I wonder if you can still buy it. What was it about anyway?

And there’s Albert Maori Kiki’s Ten Thousand Years in a Lifetime. And what’s this? Something called Sana which purports to be an autobiography of someone called Michael Somare. Wonder who he was? Looked like a nice young bloke. Bit thin though, but then again so is this copy of Paulias Matane’s My Childhood in New Guinea.

I wonder if PNG Attitude readers would be interested in a review of these old books. After all there isn’t much else to do for a while. I suppose I could mow the lawn?


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Reginald Renagi

Trevor - I am sure a lot Australian pollies and their DFAT advisers do read this fine forum and know the general sentiments of all who contribute to PNG Attitude.

They could comment if they care to, but decide to refrain as they perhaps prefer to work quietly behind the scenes to make things a little better than before through official channels, without us knowing.

Keith, maybe PNG Attitude could come up with some creative way for some of Canberra's caring 'movers and shakers' to at least let us mere mortals know what they think of some of what we say, now and then. Their silence is so deafening.

Come on Aussie, come on...yeah, let's hear you say something...

Trevor Freestone.

Why don't you suggest to the incoming Australian Foreign Minister, whoever that might be, reads 'PNG Attitude'.

Maybe then he may make a fair dinkum effort to ensure our aid money reaches the right people in PNG. Don't go to sleep, we need you.

We're wide awake, Trevor. And thanks for your contributions - KJ

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