Somare escapes for now, but threatens Basil
Sad Day: Not the headlines we wanted to see

Totally off the wall: A sign of the times


AAP - TODAY’S FAILURE to change government highlights how PNG's nascent democracy and unique take on the Westminster system can provide endless high drama and a heavy dose of farce.

This morning the opposition failed to block the swearing-in of Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane, who had been selected in a controversial manner.

When Sir Paulias formally accepted the role and said "So help me God", a light emblazoned with the word ‘CAUTION’ suddenly fell from the wall of parliament, and remained dangling by its cord for the remainder of the ceremony.

Former prime minister and opposition member Julius Chan quipped: "What an ominous sign things are just not right in PNG."


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Not sure where to post this but just wanted to have a say;

Do you all realise that it is not only Somare who is destroying democracy in PNG but Sinesine MP (Simbu Province), the Speaker of Parliament, Jeffery Nape.

This is the second time while he has been Speaker that government will not sit for the required 63 days in 12 months.

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the first time this happened, last year or 2008? It was definitely while Nape has been speaker.

Nape is the person responsible for the lack of debate over new laws that have been passed.

Recently he even confessed to not listening to his legal advisers about the reappointment of the Governor-General and that it was done improperly because he came under pressure (this was in the newspapers).

Democracy is when people's voice are heard through in/formal argument. The Speaker is preventing this and even going against his advisers.

If it is true that he is being knighted, then should we not be asking for what? Is it for his efforts in denying the voice of the people be heard and in essence helping destroy democracy?

Effrey Dademo

Sign indeed! No leader in this nation can stand up and say: "...No, I am sorry but I am not going to be part of a bad process.."

It's no wonder we are almost into our 40th year in the "wilderness". So much mauswara!

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