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Two Pacific strong men attend phony forum

THAT MODERN DAY propaganda outfit known by the soubriquet ‘Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’ has reported upon the arrival of Sir Michael Somare in Suva.

The PNG prime minister's there for the Pacific forum you have when you don't have a Pacific Forum (goodbye Australia and New Zealand), the so-called Engaging Pacific Leaders meeting.

Michael Somare arrived still PNG’s prime minister on the back of a narrow parliamentary escape, thanks to Speaker Nape (go you good thing, Jeff!).

And The Chief's longer-term career prospects were enhanced considerably late Wednesday by the appointment of eight new Ministers, so making his Ministry, proportionately, the largest in the world.

Over the years, Michael Somare has shown an outstanding ability to adjourn parliament at will, irrespective of the respective party numbers, simply by not putting motions to a vote (thank you, Jeff!).

But let’s cross to the FBC and its coverage of the meeting …..


The first day of the Engaging the Pacific leaders meeting at Natadola has come to an end, with leaders and Fiji prime minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama declaring the meeting a huge success.

FBC News Stanley Simpson is at Natadola and files this report.

PNG prime minister Sir Michael Somare arrived at the Engaging Pacific Leaders meeting in the last hour, leaving behind a politically divided nation, to come and discuss Fiji’s progress to democratic elections.

His arrival caps off a hugely successful day for the Fiji government and the leaders and representatives of the ten countries who have turned up for the meeting. Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama delivered the opening address urging Pacific leaders to work together and focus on the future.

The Prime Minister refused to say much about the deferment of the MSG [monosodium glutamate] meeting saying he did not want to engage in condemnation and recriminations.

He however outlined that Pacific leaders should not confine themselves to traditional spheres of influence which has allowed them to be dictated to by Metropolitan powers – an obvious reference to Australia and New Zealand.

In an interview in Fijian with FBC News Bainimarama says Australia and New Zealand either underestimate or are ignorant of the strong bonds that bind Pacific peoples.

A government statement says all leaders at the meeting endorsed and supported Fiji’s roadmap and were impressed with Fiji’s efforts and progress towards reforms (sic).

Editor’s note: Health Warning - Readers should be aware that all information emanating from Fiji is censored by operatives whose main job it is to ensure that the full facts are never disclosed and that Commodore Bainimarama’s wisdom is never challenged


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Arthur Williams

Big words. But what about West Papuan Melanesians?

I wonder if the PM is truthful when he says PNG will not confine itself to metropolitan power politics. Will he put the fate of his Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua on the agenda.

I believe only Vanuatu has publicly declared itself a supporter of independence for them.

Mad Max

Rushing to get some lessons in how to set up a dictatorship from your scumbag mate Bainimarama are you, old man?

Polye blows with the wind. Opposition one day, up your skirt the next. Be careful you don't come back to find he's done a Brutus on you, you old fool.

Effrey Dademo

Oh man! I love this kind of reporting! You go you brilliant!

Unite to expose tyranny. I am sure reporting about Somare is not "challenging Bainimarama's wisdom" ! ;)

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