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Unfair criticism of Don Polye is petty politics


THE POLITICAL attacks on deputy prime minister Don Polye are utter nonsense.

This is political game playing by a bunch of jealous and greedy leaders whose motives are unclear but seem to be intent on engendering regionalism and division within PNG.

We deduce what these greedy people have at the back of their mind when they attack the senior man from the highlands, Don Polye.

They don't want the top job to be moved too far away from themselves. Why not? Is it unconstitutional?

This mentality also took over in the recent parliamentary election of the Governor-General when other candidates were effectively excluded.

The statements by National Alliance president Simon Kawi and Housing Minister Andrew Kumbakor are utter nonsense. Sir Michael has promised he will hand over the National Alliance leadership to someone within the NA caucus before 2012.

This is also what many Papua New Guineans have in mind.

There was unfair criticism of Mr Polye’s announcement of the names of the MPs for the ministerial portfolios when acting as PM.

It was not Polye who made the decisions. Before Sir Michael left for Fiji he had already reshuffled his ministry. All Mr Polye did was to announce the names. And he is attacked for this.

These politicians should stop using Polye's statement on the prime ministerial post and his announcement of the portfolios to attack him. He is innocent. This is petty politics.

Using this issue to attack Polye’s eligibility for leadership and the prime ministership is utter nonsense. Mr Polye is the right man for the highest position.

He is a high profile, qualified and senior NA statesman who has maintained his reputation throughout his time in parliament since his victory in the 2002 elections.

It’s about time Sir Michael gave this man a fair go. This is no time for division and regionalism. Look at the potential Don Polye has to take this nation forward.


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Honi Brooks

Don Polye must now make a leadership challenge for the National Alliance Party and the PM's position, as Somare is stalling for time to put up his own son as the new party leader and PM.

There will be a revolt soon within the NA and the coalition government. If the old man is silly enough to do this then the country will erupt in a widespread civil strife in the months to come.

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