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Sir Paulias Matane hospitalised after collapse

PNG’S GOVERNOR-GENERAL Sir Paulias Matane has been rushed to hospital in Port Moresby after collapsing as a result of what was said to be “high blood pressure”.

Sir Paulias is in the intensive care unit of the Pacific International Hospital, a multi-specialty tertiary level medical facility affiliated with Raffles Hospital in Singapore.

The Governor-General, who in his eightieth year maintains a breakneck program of activity, was recently reappointed for a second term in the vice-regal office in what were exceptionally conflicted and stressful circumstances.

Sir Paulias has spoken out strongly against corruption and poor governance and passionately promotes the virtues of education and literacy.

He was born in 1931 at Viviran Village in the Vunadidir area of East New Britain and had a distinguished career as an educator, senior public servant and diplomat as well as being a prolific author.

His motto as Governor-General is ‘Serving with Love from Government House!’


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Keith Jackson

I have this morning received a note from Sir Paulias that says: "I am feeling much better now than in the last week, when I was taken to Pacific International Hospital for treatment.

"Advice I received from many people, including doctors, was to rest. In the past, as you know, I worked seven days a week from around 2am to 5am before having my breakfast - but must be back to work at 7am to 8pm when I go to sleep.

"This will now be put aside and I will take things much easier than ever.

"Thanks for your continuing interest in the activities of my great country."

Reginald Renagi

Vice Regal and a true Grand Chief, Sir Paulius Matane, and Lady Kaludia both make great grandfather and grandmother role models in PNG and they will remain inspirational mentors to many PNGeans like me for years to come.

I pray that our favourite knight quickly recovers from his recent mishap that put him in the doctors' care. And I also hope he will be up and about as his usual chirpy self, as I have not heard the latest on him and whether he has been discharged or still in the hospital.

Reginald Renagi

I hope and pray for our Grand Chief and Vice Regal, Sir Paulius Matane, to make a speedy recovery and be in the best of health soon. I also send my best wishes to both Lady Kaludia and our Queen's representative in PNG.

May the good Lord bless our GG as he continues to inspire citizens in his many pursuits to make PNG a better society in future.

Kaiam Bees

This incident tells a lot stories about this old man. I can remember similar thing had happened to his bro, Sir Mike, in the conference wing of parliament in 2008 when he collapsed from the chair.

These two old men have themselves shot down their bright stars of the past eras. They worked tirelessly to bring this nation up, but it is themselves that brought things into disrepute. They will never blame anybody.

They will rest in a dark blanket after they leave the public offices because PNGeans have seen and heard their actions up-to-date.

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