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The splendid Holman Collection goes on sale

Highland Warrior FOUR SPLENDID works of art from the man who designed the Papua New Guinea crest, Hal Holman OL OAM, have been made available in a limited series of four numbered prints featuring selected images of PNG subjects.

And you can purchase them through PNG Attitude and assist the cause of establishing a memorial to one of Australia’s greatest tragedies that directly affected PNG>

Haldane Sinclair Holman has been associated with PNG for nearly 70 years and still visits frequently. Last year he received the Order of Logohu to add to the Order of Australia with which he’d been previously honoured.

Greater Bird of Paradise Now pushing 90, Hal was a World War II commando in PNG and returned after the war as senior government artist.

Many of his paintings and sculptures are to be found in Port Moresby, including busts of PNG's six Prime Ministers that grace the grounds of Parliament House and a bronze of Queen Elizabeth II at Government House in Konedobu.

Hal’s sculptures can also be seen in the Botanical Gardens and on the Supreme Court building. His largest work is the five metre high stainless steel Bird of Paradise that dominates Sir John Guise Drive in Waigani.

Hal’s passion for PNG can be seen in his Bird of Paradise and his impressions of the heroic features of the indigenous people. His paintings and drawings are in private collections and in galleries throughout the world.

Blue Bird of Paradise Now PNG Attitude offers four works of art for sale to readers at $50 each or $150 a set of four, with proceeds going to build the Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Memorial in Canberra.

The price of each of the originals runs into thousands of dollars, but these quality prints are indistinguishable from them. They’re A2 size and printed on 200 gsm art board. They are supplied unframed and dispatched in mailing tubes post free.

Striped Angel FishContact for details of how you can purchase all or any of these prints.

Print 1 – Central Highlander

Print 2 - Greater Bird of Paradise

Print 3 – Blue Bird of Paradise

Print 4 – Striped Angel FishSignature


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Dr David Gordon Howse

1974 oil painting,named Paradisea Minor by Hal Holman. When I bought it, wet and unframed, we were both on our way to the Papua Yacht Club.

Dr David Gordon Howse

I am looking at the oil painting of "Paradisea Minor" which I bought from Mr Holman, wet and unframed, in 1974 or 1975 at 2 Mile in Port Moresby.

Time to place this homeless work on the market.Where should it go?

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