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A 50-YEAR REUNION of Australian teachers who taught in PNG and began their training at ASOPA in 1959 and graduated in November 1960 was held early this month at the home of Brian and Sue Davis of Palm Beach in Queensland.

Present were Tino Babao and his wife Sandra from Boondall, Glen Thompson and wife Adrienne from Hervey Bay, Beverley (Withers) and husband Doug Barlow from Brighton in Melbourne, Stuart Woodger and wife Doreen from Geebung, Bob Turner and wife Garda from Southport and Edith (Hatt) Macaulay from Byron Bay.

The group spent many hours happily reminiscing and telling great stories over lunch and throughout the afternoon, with a wonderful evening meal at the Warunee Thai Restaurant in Palm Beach.

A liberal sample of Rum Negrita, the old Buka Meri favourite of so many, completed the day.

The following morning a sumptuous champagne and orange juice breakfast was held at the Turner’s beautiful waterfront property, before the half century Asopians departed for some much-needed recuperation.

Unable to attend were Lynn (Tabart) Giddings of Tasmania, Janet (Golland) Floyd of Orange, Richard Smith from Sydney, Tennyson Lau from Kenmore and Geoff Keena of Glamorganvale along with sister Narelle (Keena) Johnston of Armidale. Sadly, contact has been lost with six others from the class, Peter Swift, Peter Kelley, Graeme Fenton, Jenny Kentwell, Robyn Plank and Margaret Turner.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please ask them to contact the author here. All present lamented the passing of Monty Star and Laurie Stevens from Nauru and, more recently, Jack Busby of Sydney.

What a great weekend, and blessed with perfect Queensland weather, for all involved!


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Robin (Plank) Pope

I was amazed to learn Stuart Woodger had been in Rabaul in the sixties, as I was in that area for most of that time. Sorry not to have caught up with you, Stuart!

Ray Ham

I played cricket with Stuart Woodger in Rabaul in the sixties. Would love to catch up with him again.

Jean Fisk

Is this the same Jack Busby who taught in Primary A School in Daru and Mendi in PNG.

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