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OPPOSITION LEADER Sir Mekere Morauta said in a statement yesterday afternoon that Michael Somare is turning Papua New Guinea into “Mugabeland”.

“Somare has all the ingredients and recipes in place,” he said. “The two most-important disciplinary forces, the Defence Force and the Police have been tribalised and converted into instruments at his disposal and for his use.

“Papua New Guineans should be extremely worried about these developments and must not allow these tribal roots to take hold.

“These moves are fraught with danger and set sickening precedents for others to follow in the future. Michael Somare has to be blamed squarely for these atrocious, self-serving acts.

“This is why this Government has to be changed – to save our country and our future.

“The alleged capture by Somare’s bodyguards and bashing of NGO activist Noel Anjo by the Prime Minister and his wife, demonstrate Somare’s preparedness to silence any critic, by any means, including violence and use of the institutions of state.

“I remind Papua New Guineans of the Prime Minister walking across the floor of Parliament to the Opposition front bench, in spitting distance, saying to the Member for Bulolo [Sam Basil], ‘I will kill you’.

“This again demonstrates Somare’s willingness to stop at nothing to silence any sign of criticism or threat, in ways most inappropriate for a leader. Shameful. Why do we put up with this?

“This Government has so much to protect that it will stop at nothing to stay in power, even if it destroys the Constitution and people’s freedom,” Sir Mekere concluded. “Wake up Papua New Guineans.”

Source: Statement by Sir Mekere Morauta KCMG MP, Leader of the Opposition and Member for Moresby North-West, Sunday 14 November. PNG Exposed.


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Stephen Cox

Somare has a litany of misconduct to his name, along with many in his government. They are as morally bankrupt as the current Australian government, and anyone who defends them is of questionable standing regarding their own behaviour.

The UN is a perfect example of how democracy has been used against honest people by the crooks and charlatans of this world, of whom the current leaders of Australia and PNG are vying for admittance to this crooked cadre, to the detriment of normal citizens of their respective countries.

Mugabe is a perfect example of the direction being taken by the Somare government and it is a far from laughable situation.

Russell Soaba

If I were Mekere Morauta I'd settle down to listening to Luciano Pavarotti sing 'O Sole Mio'.

There is a party just round the bend, not too far off, with or without the vote of no-confidence - when all this is over.

Take heart, fellas. It won't be long.

Gerald Tananu

Mekere Morauta, is a very desperate man trying all his political tricks to no avail.

He has put himself in a very laughable scene, coming up all garbage of lies. Linking up with Noel Anjo, with very shallow and fabricated stories, cannot win you any respect at all.

You cannot compete in the political race in PNG by such attitude. Please stop and think Mr Morauta.

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