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New women's health deal desperately needed

PREGNANT WOMEN living in PNG are struggling, CEO of World Vision, Tim Costello, has said after visiting the overcrowded, understaffed maternity ward at Port Moresby General Hospital.

Rev Costello was deeply concerned by what he saw. Women who had just given birth were unable to be accommodated in beds or rooms but lay on the floor in reception. Lack of security at the hospital facilitated the recent theft of badly needed medicines and expensive medical equipment.

Rev Costello travelled to PNG to gain a better understanding of the issues experienced by women and children and to find ways to increase the effectiveness of World Vision's programs there.

He visited health and sanitation projects in the Madang Province, where he heard the incredible story of Susie.

Heavily pregnant Susie started walking to hospital when she felt labour pains begin. She walked for several hours and then paddled across a lake in a canoe. Vulnerable and alone she then spent the night at a dangerous junction.

The following day Susie caught a bus to hospital. What is remarkable about Susie's story is that she and her baby survived. Many women and newborns do not. In fact, in the past 14 years PNG’s maternal and child mortality rates have nearly doubled.

Australia is taking steps to support its near neighbour. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced Australia's pledge of $85 million as part of the UN Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health.

World Vision is also working to improve the health of women and children through projects focused on health service delivery, nutrition and water and sanitation.

Source: World Vision Action News


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Peter & Lydia Kailap

Thanks Mr Rudd; another $85 Million into the bucket with no bottom!

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