Is justice compromised by Aussie largesse?
Activist's bizarre allegations of ‘kidnap’

Now our magazine has over 1,000 subscribers

THE ONE-THOUSANDTH subscriber to the PNG Attitude magazine signed up yesterday – marking a significant milestone for this joint PNG-Australia web-based project.

In early February this year the magazine had 400 subscribers, and it has been adding them at the rate of more than two a day since. (Get your free subscription by emailing here.)

This PNG Attitude website has shown similar spectacular growth. In January, it averaged 250 visitors a day which has now more than doubled to well over 500 a day.

It has been a big year for PNG Attitude with….

The Comment section of the website becoming a hot-bed of debate

The inauguration of The Crocodile Prize literary contest

New PNG readers outgunning new Australian readers three to one

PNG Attitude taking our message to Canberra and the heart of Australian politics

We’ve now produced a detailed account of what this website is about together with policies to guide contributors, commentators and readers.

You can work your way through Stuff you need to know about PNG Attitude, and we suggest you do, in ATTITUDE EXTRA at left or click through here.


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Alex Harris

Keith - I am so glad to have stumbled upon this blog, to have reconnected with my roots, to have made the friends I have, and learned all that I have.

The time and energy you put into this so that we might enjoy its fruits are extraordinary and sincerely appreciated.

Reginald Renagi

Bravo Zulu to Keith Jackson!

Well done to PNG Attitude for its 1,000th subscriber.

I am predicting we will double that number come Christmas 2011.

Effrey Dademo

Congratulations PNG Attitude team! I appreciate your working in influencing the attitude in this important relationship between PNG and Australia. Keep it up!

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