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Sisters of War SISTERS OF WAR (to be screened later this year on ABC TV) is a uniquely Australian tale of extraordinary courage.

Historian (and occasional PNG Attitude contributor) Rod Miller stumbled across the lost diary of civilian nurse Grace Kruger in 1991 while he was clearing out an estate in his day job as an auctioneer.

Eventually he found seven other diaries and started to piece together the story of the Roman Catholic nuns captured by the Japanese near Rabaul in 1942.

The wartime diaries formed the basis of the material for Mr Miller’s subsequent book, Sisters Of War, on which the film is based.

The crux of the film story is the friendship that developed between Sister Bernice Twohill and army nurse Lorna Whyte during their time in captivity.

Fresh from her role in the big-budget mini-series The Pacific, Claire van der Boom stars as Sister Bernice, with NIDA graduate Sarah Snook as Lorna and Scottish-born actor Gerald Lepkowski as Bishop Leo Scharmach.

The TV movie's $4 million budget is bigger than that of most Australian films. It is being shot in the Mt Tamborine area of south-east Queensland.

Source: Movie Mazzupial Blog

Spotter: Vince Gratzer


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Trevor Freestone.

The journal Una Voce states that the screening takes place on Sunday 14 November on ABC-TV.

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