Parlt must reverse environment law changes
Cholera restricts PNG-Torres Strait travel

Ominous politics in PNG as PM turns screw

IT MAY BE SIMPLY the pent up weight of events or it may be a looming no-confidence vote in Parliament, but events surrounding prime minister Somare have taken a bizarre and even ominous bizarre turn.

The extracts that follow are all taken from yesterday’s Post-Courier newspaper….

Baki rues his removal

By Oseah Philemon

SUSPENDED Police Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday described the manner in which he was suspended as "improper, morally and ethically wrong."

Mr Baki described his suspension as politically instigated, accusing the Government of using politics to destroy the police force. "The police force is now all over the place," he said.

He said what has happened to him was the end result of the long - running power struggle in the police force instigated by political interests.

Namah claims 'tribalism'

By Simon Eroro

LEADER of PNG Party Belden Namah has expressed grave concern over the timing of Gari Baki's suspension as police commissioner and the appointment of Tony Wagambie to the top post.

Mr Namah said more serious concerns were that the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had now placed the country's national security and sovereignty under serious threat by tribalising the nation's forces.

PM ordered my 'kidnap' – Anjo

By Simon Eroro

NON-GOVERNMENT Organisation activist Noel Anjo yesterday dropped a bombshell, claiming he was "kidnapped" allegedly on orders from the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in 2009….

Mr Anjo alleged that on February 16, 2009, he was taken to Mirigini House, the official residence of the PM where he alleged Sir Michael and wife Lady Veronica had turns in punching him.

MP: 'godfather' PM step down

By Simon Eroro

LEADER of the PNG Party, Belden Namah, described Sir Michael Somare as a "Pagan God" and "God-Father" urging him to resign immediately as his actions in ordering the kidnap of NGO activist Noel Anjo was unbecoming of a Prime Minister.

"Sir Michael's actions now warrant his resignation and challenged the new Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie and his deputy Fred Yakasa to arrest the PM for his part in ordering the kidnap of activist Noel Anjo which the new deputy commissioner was aware of since day one," Mr Namah said.

Spotter: Paul Oates


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Gerald Tananu

Noel Anjo knows from his heart that he was forced by Sam Basil to create this story.

Sam Basil has just run out of ideas and this is the level of low politics he can polarise.


Noel Anjo told this story last year. In his own words, he was taken to the PM's house where the old man began assaulting him.

Somare punched him first and then went behind Noel. 'Lady' Veronica then threw a punch at Noel, which he ducked and the obvious happened: Mama Vero's punch landed smack bang on ol' Michael's face!!

Noel is viewed as a "trouble maker" and but he is the biggest thorn in the side of the Somares. If he wanted to he could turn the masses against the family that has profited off the backs of ordinary Papua New Guineans.

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