The death of a warrior
Dear Honourable Sirs....

Books and Beer


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

Books and beers, hear em’ cheer
For em’ say beer make em’ head clear
Give em’ more dough, mama dear
Em’ wantem buy more beer

Very soon me hear em’ stutter
Em wantem m-more w-w-w-ine
But em’ m-mekem s-s-s-wine noise
T’sol em’ just fruit blong vine

Nau mama no givem em’ dough
Em go long papa long borrow
But no money, papa say
All for your school I pay

But still em’ wantem more beer
Nau em’ cheer turn to growl
En very soon em’ join in street brawl
All because em’ mixem books and beer

Nau em sindaun long jail na luk sori
Inside long bel blong papa mama tu i wari
School ino finish good but em stap long jail
Na nogat money long payem bail

Nau em sindaun na look outside long jail window
Goodpela tingting i come long em
Freedom stap outside long window
Em coverem face blong em in shame

Why na me mixem books and beer!?


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Robin Lillicrapp

Why, indeed. Lots of good thinking. A poetic short story.

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