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ASOPA chalkies will reunite in Vanuatu

December's PNG Attitude magazine, 48 pages of it, was sent to subscribers yesterday.  You can subscribe for free - and join the 1,000+ people who keep up to date with developments in the PNG-Australia relationship - simply by sending your name and email address here.


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Kevin Lock

PNG Attitude always a great read. I cannot see where to subscribe to PNG Attitude.

PNG Attitude has not been available in print for some years Kevin. It is now only available online through this blog and via Twitter @PNGAttitude and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/keith.jackson.1426876. There is no subscription required - KJ

Eric Taylor

The process of education requires students to know facts and true statements. This has been the major function of education for many years. There is no value in having students read that the capital city of New Zealand is Mt Everest. That is patently false and will mislead. They must not learn that 2+2=6.

But as they grow to understand, they have to comprehend and value arguments and opinions. That is after they hold accurate and comprehensive concepts – teacher-centred learning? So if given a text of Nazi propaganda, they must identify faults and produce an alternative view.

“It is not acceptable that the Aryans are the master race and that the Slavs and Gipsies are the slave races. From a Christian viewpoint, we believe all men and women to be created equal. There is no proof in the world that some races are created intellectually superior. Cultural priorities will differ”.

There is a cacophony of views on the blog PNG Attitude with many being ordinary explanations of history and the lives of people. There are issues charged with controversy, the latest being Outcome Based Education and China in the Pacific.

I had thought that both were excellent, with overlays of fact that did not diverge from the truth. The blog has useful insight to China - social, political, environmental and military.

All will become the platform of understanding for the future. China is on the move. Every day now, we read of some aspect that confirms the perspective set down on this blog, sometimes slightly modified.

China wants US support with Iran and North Korea, so we are told by Wikileaks. That is different. But let us just sit on that one for a decade or two.

Today, we read that China does not want to be a world military leader but values more the capacity to feed its people. That would be a great discussion point for students. It relates to China in the Pacific. It refers to over-population.

Education is not about promoting propaganda. It is about teaching students to think, but not too much too soon.

Emilie Franklin

I got hold of your recent issue of PNG Attitude through my father. I have just finished my 3rd year at ANU studying Law/Asian studies.

I have a particular interest in the Chinese and China throughout the Pacific, including investments, cultural clashes, environmental damage, lack of ability in following laws and regulations etc.

I have written several essays on this thus far seeking advice from academics or media in PNG. I have also just been accepted into the Australian National Internship Program through ANU where I hope to be focussing my research essay on China’s impact within the region.

Anyway I was just wondering if you could please add me on your mailing list as I found your most recent edition very interesting and informative.

Max Kuduk

I always look forward to the next issue. Interesting opinions and other "bits" on PNG. A must read for thinking nationals.

I hope someone with funds can assist Keith get printed copies into the bookshops.

David Wall

Keith, congratulations on another striking and informative issue of PNG Attitude. I'm always impressed about just how good your publication is.

Newman Ewada

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy 2011. Thank you for ensuring that I never missed a copy of the PNG Attitude in 2010.

Lahm Nick

Thanks Keith. It will be appreciated if you can include me into your distribution list.
I stay in PNG now.

Leo Bera

Thank you for sending me your magazine I must say I got introduced to your magazine via my good friend "Young Taubada" Bill McGrath of Pacific Books.

I also note that my other good friend Phil Fitzpatrick has a few articles in this issue.

Whilst I agree with a lot of the views put forward over the last few months, I have yet to decide when I can contribute an article.

Thanks once again for sending me the latest copy.

Geoffrey Hutton

Once more you have ruined my plans to perform many of neglected tasks for other organisations I had intended to do this Sunday morning.

I was tempted to briefly examine the contents of PNG Attitude. Gone now is time and aspiration is distorted.

Thank you very much, Keith, for all of your contributions to publishing views and facts which many of us are hoping is not our problem.

Geoffrey Hutton (85 yrs). Former instructor and Principal, P & T Training College

Michael Ahrens

Tonight I have been reading the latest edition of PNG Attitude. I always enjoy it.

Michael Ahrens, Executive Director, Transparency International Australia

Bill McGrath

Well earned praise for yourself and your newsletter.

Maurie Pears

Nice update Thanks Keith. Much appreciated.

Trev Shelley Sr

Good man Keith. Much appreciated. All the best to both Ingrid and yourself for the festive season.

Doug Twyford

I lived in PNG from 1980 to 91, and have just, sadly, read your December issue. I was part of the National High School 'expat' teachers, for me at Sogeri.

I left education in disgust at the nepotism and the number of expat paedophiles that were running the system, and moved into private industry in Moresby.

I was horrified to read that Pidgin is now the apparent primary language. What a shame.

Please add me to your subscribers.

Doug Twyford, Omaha NE 68130 USA

Bob Jenkins

If communicating with Trevor Freestone again, give him my regards. Trevor was with me at Sighere Primary ‘T’ School in 1968 and maybe ’67 (the memory dims).

We did a few unusual things to keep the school functioning. Give him my email address, I’d like to hear from him. Keep up the good work.

Michael Leggo

This is remarkable in the amount of content - it must be the envy of most newsletter editors. I have requested a subscription.

Rick  Washington.

Could you please add my name to your list of subscribers. I went to PNG July 21 1963 and left November 1996. Was a great life.

Ken Grant

The ASOPA Class of 1964/65 is heading offshore for the next reunion. We are meeting at the Aore Island Resort, just off the coast of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. The dates are 30 August to 4 September 2011 inclusive.

Details are available from Ken Grant whose email is: [email protected]

We would appreciate any publicity you are able to provide. We hope to repeat the success of Cairns 09 organised by Ankles Ellison and Fangio Litfin.

Brendan O'Dwyer

Thank you so much for the latest edition. I found it most informative and very interesting. The article on school education in PNG was most alarming and AusAID's fumbling incompetence most revealing.

Best wishes for the Season. Brendan O'Dwyer, Media Advisor, Cambridge University Press

John Masili

Thank you very much for keeping me informed of the latest happening in PNG. May God continue to bless you and your team in the coming years.

I wish you and your team a merry christmas and a happy new year 2011.

John Masili, School of Population Health - University of Western Australia, Perth

Phil Charley OAM

Thanks Keith, another great issue.

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