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Independent aid review gets down to work

THE AUSTRALIAN Government’s independent panel undertaking a review on the future direction of Australia's aid program has started work and is scheduled to report in April 2011.

The review panel is consulting extensively across government, non-government and other key stakeholders in the Australian community to examine whether current systems, policies and procedures maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the aid program.

Its outcomes will help guide the future policy direction of Australia's aid program.

Hollway_Sandy The review panel members are Sandy Hollway AO [right], Dr Stephen Howes, Margaret Reid AO, Bill Farmer AO and John Denton.

The panel welcomes concise, written public submissions, which will need to be sent to the panel before 2 February 2011. You can find out more about the review and about how to make submissions here.

This is the first independent public review of the aid program commissioned by the Australian Government since 1996. It will draw on international experience and make recommendations regarding program structure and planning, implementation and review arrangements.

In particular the review will focus on the structure and performance of the aid program and lessons learned from Australia's approach to aid delivery. It will also look at the appropriateness of current arrangements.

Spotter: Bill McGrath


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Trevor Freestone.

The starting point of a review has to be by asking the poor villagers in PNG what they need to make their lives better. Many Australians and educated Papuan and New guineans will give you plenty of feed back. But how do the people without communication skills or resources get their messages through?

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