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Matane to stand down as Governor-General

PNG confusion suggests Somare losing touch


I LIKE THE CALCULATION done by the Post Courier editor that Sir Michael Somare is playing the "divide and conquer" card.

That Somare is trying to create a division between the powerful highlands block, so his son will ascend.

The National, on the other hand, assumes that Somare is looking for a loyal person to fill in for him because he does not politically trust Don Polye.

If Polye takes over, he will make it difficult for Somare to return.

Regardless of Somare's intentions and reasons for the change, the fact is the political landscape will never be the same again.

If Abal takes over and eventually become the acting PM, that will not go down well with Polye. But, if he rescinds his decision, Abal will lose face.

Somare is in a win-lose situation. Appointing Abal as his deputy is convenient for him, but is against the party's Constitution.

It seems like the ageing political tactician is losing his touch.


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Bernard Yegiora

The dawn of a new era in PNG politics! Two of the most influential people in PNG politics have been ousted from office.

What will happen in the coming weeks before Parliament is recalled?

Will Don Polye challenge the change in leadership because it is against the Constitution of the NA party? Will he take the back seat in a bid to maintain stability?

He said in today's paper that he will not move to the opposition because he is a party loyalist. He is now, in my opinion, the key player.

He has influence over the powerful NA Highlands bloc and has the potential to seriously change the political landscape in PNG.

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