National disgrace: UPNG in a parlous state
I invite Minister to drink from polluted river

Graves are storehouses for feeble dreams

Do you hold a dream?


Do you hold a dream;

Which over mountains cold,

And valleys dark dreams;

Then how feeble it appears?

Many a pillow men make

From many a dream feeble;

That kindles, pauses, then

Re-kindles to hope anew.

Do you hold such dream still,

Which in oceans deep live

And on hurrying currents sail;

Thereupon weakly labours

To a glimmer flicker?

O feeble! feeble dream!

Graves are storehouses!

For feeble dreams

Endless rows await!

Do you hold a feeble dream?




He sleeps now, dreamlessly, and I sense

my time has come. Hesitating and uncertain.

He wallows in his siesta and I flicker to life

But everything is strange here

as if I walked in his waking thoughts

and the words and deeds are

a re-enactment and were not mine

a course of action he had envisaged

in a play for my casting.

Yet there are constant reminders

that this is not theatrical

for this script has not yet been written

and this dialogue is present

The roles are here and now, at this moment

this time is mine. Or is it?

Who am I and who is he?

Dare I taste the freedom of his absent conscience?

If his slumber should be broken

but for a minute or a while, will I still exist?

If some stray thought should sire a restless dream

would it be about me?

The thought or the dreaming

and what the passion?

There I stand in tears and still,

this reflection has me dancing

These hands reach to hold, but fend away

An emotion is like the heat of a slap in the face

He would understand this and not speak of it

I must scream while I can

then be drowned in his silence.

He awakens, my respite is over much too soon

I must not let him be I, for he will not let me be.


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David Kitchnoge

Hi Judy - I am the author of the poem 'The Big Man' and I give you my full permission to use my poem.

Judy Warrillow

Can the writer of the poem 'The Big Man' give me permission to have this printed and framed and put in my lounge room and also give it my family and friends as presents.

Speaks volumes.

Read The Big Man here....

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