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Montevideo Maru Capetown,  1926 HERE’S A RATHER unusual request one of our Australian-based readers may be able to assist with.

A recent meeting of the executive committee of the Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Society, of which I’m President, agreed it needs to place more emphasis on fundraising for a memorial planned to be established at the Australian War Memorial in 2012.

While the Society is finishing 2010 with more than $160,000 in the bank, thanks to great efforts by its members and a generous federal government grant, a similar result will be required in 2011 and then another $100,000 in 2012 if the memorial is to be constructed.

The committee established the new position of Vice-President (Funding), and it was agreed the occupant will need to be appointed from outside the current committee.

I will be delighted to hear from people, preferably with fundraising experience, who are interested in this vital and rewarding position. You can email me here.

Most committee business is conducted by email as members are located all over Australia. The position will receive substantial support from experienced committee members in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Society was established to ensure national recognition and commemoration of the tragedies that ensued after the Japanese invasion of the New Guinea Islands in early 1942, including Australia’s greatest maritime disaster, the sinking of the Montevideo Maru with the loss of more than 1,000 lives.


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John Hocknull

I’ve been a professional fundraiser for over 20 year and anything I can do to advise your group on the topic please do not hesitate to ask.

Greg Ivey

Digger - PNG continues in the spotlight for governance and economic reasons while the constructive activities of ex-servicemens organisations, health workers, service clubs and Aussie voluteers receive less attention.

The year 2011 will bring us closer to the 70th Anniversary of the Battles for New Guinea (Rabaul) and Papua (Owen Stanleys) beginning in 1942.

We could make preparations to highlight the crucial roles of the Papuan Infantry Battalion and the New Guinea Infantry Battalions in resisting and helping overcome the invasion by Japanese military forces.

The founding of the PIR (now RPIR) during that War would also be relevant to publicise.

It could be a timely tribute to our living and deceased soldiers of World War 11 if our writers, historians and organisers were to prepare for Commemorations during the 70th Anniversary in 2012.

Colin Huggins

Yes, a truly a great cause that has been ignored for years, but what are you suggesting? Who told the committee that you need to do more fundraising?

I would think that if $160,000 is in place from donations, who wants to "milk" more from concerned persons - the Gillard govenment?

I think that the govenment of Somare should assist, after all we were protecting that now sovereign govenment to eventually survive.

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