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Somare family in crisis at shooting allegation


THE ALLEGED attempted shooting of East Sepik Governor Peter Wararu Waranaka by Michael Somare Jr – son of Sir Michael Somare - has caused serious political ramifications in PNG and is a personal crisis for Sir Michael.

Wewak police are said to have charged Michael Somare Jr with the attempted murder of Mr Waranaka and released him on a surety of K1000.

Police refused to officially comment on the matter as it was “too sensitive and political in nature".

Michael Jr, the last of five children, runs the family’s Wewak construction and engineering business, SBA Engineering, originally started by elder brother Sana who now lives in Singapore.

Oldest sister Betha is the Prime Minister’s media director, Arthur is MP for Angoram and Minister for State Enterprises, and Dulcie resides in Cairns, Australia.

During an argument, Michael Jr is said to have pointed a pump-action shotgun at Mr Waranaka, but, as he was about to pull the trigger, a bystander hit his arm and the bullet missed the Governor.

Sir Michael is said to have offered Mr Waranaka two pigs and K30,000 in cash and urged the supporters of both sides not to take the law into their own hands, He also assured the people that his son would be dealt with under the law like any other person.

Meanwhile, a group of government MPs, who say they are disaffected from Sir Michael - who has stepped aside from the prime ministership while he faces a Leadership Tribunal - have said they will support any move to oust the National Alliance-led government.

The politicians, who refused to be named, told the PNG Post-Courier they are ready to support an Opposition no-confidence motion.

The MPs, courageous in their anonymity, say, while they had respect for Sir Michael, he left them with no choice but to join forces with the Opposition.

“Who says the Government is stable?” one of the phantom MPs asked. “We kept our allegiance with faith but we believe it’s about time we come out honestly to inform our people of our positions. It’s not too late." Unfortunately not one of them came out honestly.

“We are not running away from the problems we have created while being part of this government but we feel we have a point to make,” the nameless MPs said, running away from the problems.

Sources: PNG Post-Courier and The National


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Reginald Renagi

Francis - Many PNGeans would agree with what you are saying. That is, let's keep the present government but change its leadership.

I agree. But there will be a big problem finding the required quality leadership PNG needs now from within the NA party, or even the NA coalition mix.

Right now the government can't even find amongst itself "a highly intelligent and qualified politician who is able to strategically maneuver PNG in the age of globalisation and changing pattern in international politics to attain national objectives". That is why the government is still keeping the same guy in the driver's seat.

It does this to keep covering up and making useless excuses for someone clearly now not suitable to lead PNG into the future. A lot of good quality MPs are sitting in the middle-benches and in the Opposition.

It may work if a proper regrouping is done in parliament. We can keep some good MPs in the coalition and merge them with the middle and the opposition. This may give PNG a fairly good quality mixed government by 2012.

The problem is who is going to take the lead? No, not Sam Abal. The deputy PM and acting PM is a nice quiet guy who is warming the chair for the return of PM Somare. Sam lacks the typical highlands' aggressiveness that Don Polye has to be able to pull off such a spectacular stunt.

Don would make a good PM. He will no doubt clean up government corruption as he recently said, the government must tackle.

The government does not have the balls to see this happen so they sacrificed a very good Deputy PM for a quiet Engan who will not clean up the house.

Francis Hualupmomi

There is trafficking in criticism against the PM and his family. I suggest it is better to argue one’s case logically and fairly.

As far as nation state is concerned PNG needs political and economic stability to attain our modernisation agenda. What we need now is to maintain the current regime with alteration in political leadership.

The leadership should be aggressively driven by a highly intelligent and qualified politician who is able to strategically maneuver PNG in the age of globalisation and changing pattern in international politics to attain national objectives.

World politics is seeing a major shift in power and PNG should get the house in order to strategically position itself in regional and global arena to maximise opportunities. We have economic potential that will transform the nation into a middle economy.

There is no time to play piggy-peg politics. PNG is not isolated from the rest of the world. Developments in global affairs have drastic implications in domestic affairs. The question is are we ready?

Reginald Renagi

Somare Jnr has really spoilt his great father's name.

This one incident (among many others) along has probably damaged the Chief's family image and political reputation.

It is perhaps time to look for another job Chief.

The job must be too boring by now.

Just imagine doing the same things over and over for well over 43 years without really improving the overall outcomes for PNG.

This is nothing to be proud about in our political history.

Reginald Renagi

Top marks to you Raphael.

I am sure the whole country does too.

PNG needs new fresh leadership.

The old guard can not be shown anything new and exciting now to take PNG to a whole new level of political thinking.

The country needs a new crop of politicians and statemen who can constantly devise creative future strategies to effectively engage with the rest of the world on an equal footing.

The current regime has lost its plot in recent times and should be made redundant in 2012.

Bernard Yegiora

Raphael, 'every dog has its day', dynasties rise and fall, so will the Somare's or any other family for that matter.

Whether we live in a democracy or any other ideological regime there will always be a controlling dynasty or people who have monopoly of political and economic power.

It seems quite obvious that there is no equality in democratic regimes. PNG is an interesting case, our people are manipulated by people with wealth. It makes one think about the feudal era in Europe where the monarchs and the aristocrats played a dominant role.

Mrs Barbara Short

In this morning's Sydney Morning Herald I read where Zeng Wei, the son of the former vice-president of China, Zeng Qinghong, bought a $32 million house at Point Piper, at Woollahra.

This part of Sydney has great views of Sydney Harbour and many of the rich and famous and notorious have lived there during Sydney's over 200 year history.

Now he plans to demolish the house and replace it with a $5 million version.

Zeng Wei, also known as Arthur, is aged 42 years, and is married, with two sons. His wife Jiang Mei is aged 38. She is a director of a $HK32 billion Hong Kong listed development company that builds shopping malls in large and medium cities across China.

Zeng Wei's father is known in China as the most important organiser behind a loose faction of "princelings" - children from leading revolutionary families - and is said to have brokered the surprise deal that anointed Xi Jinping to be the likely next president of China.

They say that China is a Communist country and this may be how it all works. They also may still have "dynasties".

Peter Warwick

Are you aware that he has (recently) purchased a substantial home in Cairns ?

Could be a good place to retire ?

Away from the dangers of PNG, and Wewak in particular.

Raphael Waiyalaka

One can only wonder of the kind of dynasty the Somare Family has built. PNG is a big country with over 800 nations and every culture or people within PNG have their share of contribution to the independence and the development or the underdevelopment of this nation. They can not claim to be the only family or persons that this nation needs to survive - or is there something that needs unearthing, is that the reason why they are clinging on the helm. I think its time the Somares got banished from the face of politics in PNG.

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