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Govt loses control of highlands: report


I am currently working in Tari and these are my observations

The government has lost control of the Highlands. The Highlands Highway is blocked every second day with people asking for ‘gate money’ to let you through.

The police operate through private enterprise. They get paid K80 per day per man and have their fuel paid, so the people think the Police are employed by private companies.

The hospital cannot operate; it has no water because the landowners demand compensation for the water pump on the side of the Tebi River as well as payment for water out of the river.

Several buildings have been torched, and nurses and patients raped because the security comes from the landowners where the haus sik is situated and, due to custom, they are not going to stop their wantoks or report them to the Police.

I could go on but I don’t have the time.

The author’s name was provided but not used at his request as his employment could be jeopardized by publication


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Justin Friend

I was last in the highlands in 1999-2000. The highway was blocked every day then by self appointed toll collectors.

If they are only there every second day now, maybe things are actually improving ;)

Lydia Kailap

This is the epitome of what is PNG. People who are on the ground are the ones most likely to know the genuine state of affairs. When will the "shiny-ass" office dwellers listen?

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