The Secretary responds to our criticisms
MCC & Highlands Pacific admit sea dumping

For our independence


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

36 years to make our mark
36 years we failed to start
At first glance that’s what we see
except when I look at you I see me
I see children of all ages, children brought here through different stages
I see the children of Papua New Guinea
I see the band aid to soothe and remedy

Serenity is my home
The island in the sun
Sun rising, flowers in bloom, children laughing etc
The Chauka singing to God
Waves crashing, curving, bowing
Yes sir, serenity is my home

I’m sitting on a beach peacefully
While others strive for peace
How can we both be sharing the same lives
Upon this subtle violent earth?
How can we not question
two different extremes from birth?

I’m asking you oh PNG
What is your quest for life?
Because we have a day more to live
while others fight the knife!

I’m asking you oh PNG
How can we not feel pain?
While all brothers and sisters
Ultimately suffer shame

I’m asking you oh PNG
when will you start to learn?
That we are the ones with everything
All that others have only to yearn

I’m asking you oh PNG
Not to give up the fight
For gallant soldiers we may be
When we survive the night

I’m telling you Oh PNG
That I love you too damn much
But you have no clue how tough it is in the exterior out of home
So please grow, learn, succeed and give
So all our seeds can be sown.

Hinelou, 29, was raised in Lae (which she hopes “will revert to the good old days”).  Her parents are from Manus and Australia and she works overseas at present and “returns to PNG whenever I can”.  Hinelou says she comes from a large family “including a lot of successful women I aspire to be like”.


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