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Kay was here today


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

Kay was here today
chin down and brooding, moody

A wordless reply in less than a nod

Sunglasses as a visor
to friendly greetings, ignorant sods

A thin smile in an inverted reality
and sudden mechanical laughter, after
all feigned n’ faked at ease

Just another weekday, workday
all else a calm, not much to say

Nae! Her hands are screaming

Hearken please!

As if to retaliate with ballpoints
ink stains tattoo her diary page
marked in black gloom
scarred leaves stare back in pain.

Working is a saving grace
some things are better not raised
they threaten to drown.

Not for her a pathetic pathos.

Not for her an inept pity.

There is life, there is love.

This is no loss of face
just serendipity.


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