The tragedy & metaphor of Wawin Farm
Was present 'disaster' the fault of kiaps?

When their eloquence escapes you


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

To some this poem may be offensive. Take offence at the ballot box in 2012

You are taken for a proverbial ride, Penge
One too many times, ‘tis sad but true
So sweetly they would croon to you
Like star-crossed lovers swoon for you
Come crawling to your private rooms
with candid comic cunning covers
Falling for you all over again
with scented promises and sweetened lies
solwara’s and somare’s packed in piles
They bestow every hearts whim ‘n’ desires
on pent-annual spending spreescaspasms.
They will rape you Penge, repeatedly.
As they have always done.
And leave you naked under a midday sun.

Others, still more and merrily
surrender their lives in unholy hastity
with evangelico-political creeds
and incredibly passionate wengen bawls
Beseech you even as they betray
each other, in their self-righteous pathway
Stuff you with gifts and money,
milky-SP and seedy honey
Plug your greedy self-consuming orifices
Enter your government office/rs
to lay bare those honored places.
They will rape you Penge, repeatedly.
As always has been their hidden agenda.
And expose the bush kanaka still listed as absent.

Upon your rich heritage they will call
Songans, songsters, Sukundumi’s all
Challenge those who once were warriors?
Whatever. Same war, same death
Same kith, same kin, same-same bargain sale
What judge, what cop, what crim/e, what jury
All stand alike, equal, above n’ beyond the law
On a tall white pole they impaled your Kumul
in blood red tatters and bruised black scars
While you were still counting the stars
they were –coming; down under with all your gold.
They will rape you Penge, repeatedly.
As always has been their wicked disposition.
And leave you stripped of pride and possession.


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