Somare: Maski bulmakau; kakaruk tasol
Lepani whacks wasted Australian aid

The ugly side of morality: exploitation


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

Why did God raise a nation
Out of Abraham
A proven adulterer

Why did God name his nation
After Jacob
A proven adulterer

Why did God reveal himself
Through the line of David
A proven adulterer

Why did God spread his word
Through Mary Magdalene
A proven prostitute

He saw their hearts
He saw their intentions
And they cared for the masses

So my PNG
Don’t be fooled again
For 2012 is nigh

See their hearts and
See their intentions
Do they care for the masses


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Thanks David, you present an interesting view. I appreciate the moral of those stories. It is true that we are judgemental about people's personal lives and should avoid that. But for leaders we need to be.

Leaders should embody our finest ideals by intention and action.

First impressions do count, and consistency of effort also. The question may be raised, if a person is dishonest in marriage, what else?

Reginald Renagi

Yes, Icarus said it. He has said what readers of this blog have long suspected but have been afraid to say.

It's true that we are already doing this in PNG for many years now. This is despite PNG being a so-called Christian country.

There are political prostitutes and adulterers in the spirit men's house, that is why we just can't seem to do anything right by our people.

Roll on 2012... so we can vote in fresh new MPs. This mob's damn useless to us now!

David Kitchnoge

Icarus - thankyou for your response.

I guess what I’m trying to get at are those “wolves in sheep’s skin” who hold themselves out as the candidates of choice to our unassuming voters every five years simply because they are the ultimate righteous person. I have seen people dismissing some very good candidates not on the basis of the merits of their messages, arguments and intentions but on petty personal indiscretions. And I think we do ourselves more bad and good with such practices.

I’m not advocating for adulterers and certainly not exalting them other than to point out some of the paradoxes found in the bible that teaches a morality that most Papua New Guineans subscribe to.


David, I'm having difficulty following the subject of your poem.

Are you saying that adulterers and prostitutes can make good leaders if their intentions are good, so we should give them a chance?

Aren't we already doing that?

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