PNG political fundraiser scores K1.5 million
Manus wants K40 million for asylum seekers

Bougainville president seeks new investment


BOUGAINVILLE COPPER CHAIRMAN, Peter Taylor, is to visit Bougainville for the first time since the Panguna copper mine was shut down by a bloody civil war in 1989.

The invitation is part of a strategy by Bougainville's President John Momis to attract new investment.

Mr Momis told investors attending the PNG - Australia Business Forum in Madang that the peace process on Bougainville is well established and the island is open for business.

He said he is keen to attract responsible investors who will create jobs and improve life for rural people in the lead up to a referendum on independence from PNG.

Mr Taylor will be part of a delegation of business leaders to visit the autonomous province tomorrow.

Mr Momis said the return of Bougainville Copper shows there has been a sea-change in attitudes and economic conditions on the island.

Source: Radio Australia


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Leonard Roka

Welcome back, Bougainville Copper Limited, and be prepared to take up responsibility on the burden you gave us, the children of this island.

Leonard Roka

My President's invitation of the BCL chairman is a good gesture. Peter Taylor needs to be there and see for himself, what BCL and PNG have created for the people of Bougainville.

Today Bougainvilleans are not cowards and fools as in the 1970s. They are well prepared to welcome positive developments in their land since they have been learning from their recent ignorance and irresponsibility that has so greatly affected them.

So, as a true Bougainvillean, I say that the ABG and its leader, John Momis, are doing fine.

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