PNG pioneers exploiting the ocean's riches
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High-speed internet introduced to PNG

WOULD YOU EXPECT to get 3G access in one of the most rural and least explored countries in the world? In PNG this is possible thanks to a contract between Digicel Pacific and Ericsson.

Papua New Guineans now get mobile broadband services for the first time. By using a hybrid power solution, combining solar panels, rechargeable batteries and diesel generators, Digicel has made the jump from 2G to 3G while greatly reducing fuel and manpower costs. In turn, subscribers enjoy faster internet speeds at an affordable price.

John Mangos, CEO of Digicel PNG, says: “Since launching our 2G network in 2007, Ericsson has built more than 600 sites for us. Introducing the RBS 6000 radio base station convinced us to go ahead and launch 3G. It's an important move, not only for us, but moreso for our subscribers.”

 “The solar hybrid power solution is specifically suited to extremely isolated areas outside the power grid, where the materials and manpower can only be delivered by helicopter,” says Rajendra Pangrekar, President and Head of Ericsson Philippines and Pacific Islands.

“In PNG, which is one of the most rural countries in the world - with only 18% of the population living in urban areas - this solution is optimal. We see a great interest from operators in the entire region for these solutions as more focus is put on saving operation costs and moving to more environmentally friendliness.”

The rechargeable batteries used last longer than standard batteries, and combining them with solar panels results in large reductions in fuel and manpower costs for the operator.

As part of the agreement, Ericsson will provide network rollout, support and technology-consulting services.

Source: Ericsson


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H Wara

The service is only fast when hardly anyone is using it or mobile phones, e.g. in the dead of night. The speed is hardly broadband most of the time.

Use the Digicel USB modem and there are no extra phone charges. 25t/megabyte at night, 33t/megabyte during the day (8 to 8).

Ken Thurston

Anyone care to share with us what there telephone bills are like for this 3G service.

I have heard that web access via this is about K1.85 mb

Donr know about anyone else, but I would go broke very quickly at these rates

Harry Thomas

Wait until you see your phone bill, David. :-)

David Ulg Ketepa

This is sweet music into my ears. I can't wait to access this! Thanks a bunch, Digicel and Ericsson.

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