It’s official – parliament full of hot air
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New Eden – A poem of love for PNG


An entry in The Crocodile Prize

I have felt a great urge to write a patriotic poem like the poem ‘Jerusalem’ by the English poet William Blake, whom I am most influenced by in almost all my writings. I hope some day in the future this nation will be called NEW EDEN, because it’s the most beautiful, breath-taking and blessed land on earth - MN

In the beginning was the Word
And He flew like Paradise Bird
Through floral forests of New Eden
And gave to us this precious land

Did He breathe the Bismarck Breeze?
Into Adams wide nostrils
Did He carve the Great Sepik?
When He ruled from Wilhelm's peak

In land of Gold that floats on Oil
He pitched His tent into the soil
And gave to Abel sugar cane
Much to Cain's great disdain

Did wise Solomon sail this sea?
Did Christ's tears flow the Fly?
Papua New Guinea
Praise the name of God on High


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Barbara Short

Thank you, Martyn.

The ABC recently had some wonderful natural history TV programs with magnificent views over and in the great rainforests of the PNG highlands. The poem reminds me of them.

When one looks at the grandeur of PNG, all these petty goings on in the parliament pale into insignificance. Surely such an inspirational landscape can produce an inspirational leader!

"Lord, what is man, lost man, that Thou shouldst be so be mindful of him?" - Dr William Fuller

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