Time to despatch this inferiority complex
Ex-defence chief urges stronger border ties

Cabinet in turmoil as Somare falls ill


THE AUSTRALIAN - PNG has been thrown into political turmoil, with Prime Minister Michael Somare almost certain not to return to the leadership because of a heart condition.

The dramatic events in Port Moresby and the expected bitter succession stoush will push the Gillard government's proposal for an asylum-seeker processing centre on Manus Island to the back of the political queue.

The PNG government learned yesterday that because of the severity of Sir Michael's heart condition, he was almost certain to be unable to resume the prime ministership. This marks the likely passing of an extraordinary era for Australia's closest neighbour and former colony.

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Peter Kranz

Last time I visited the Haus Tambaran it was infested with termites, the air con wasn't working, parts of the building were unsafe, and there were no computers for members (my interest at the time).

My wife Rose said it is a Sepik spirit haus and I shouldn't go there or I might be cursed. Maybe she's right?

The Parliamentary library was still well cared for (many congrats to the librarian), but they had no access to on-line resources - essential in this day and age I think. And Hansard was out of date.

Bernard Yegiora

God help us, I thought, according to Francis Marus, they adjourned parliament to May so maintenance work could be done on the building, that means fixing the generator and air conditioning system. What on earth is happening?

Peter Kranz

This about sums things up - from today's Post-Courier -

"PARLIAMENT was literally deserted by MPs yesterday and the session was forced to adjourn to 10am today due to a lack of quorum.

Only 11 MPs turned up in the chamber after the prolonged ringing of the bells from 9.50am to 10.10am.

Twenty minutes later another 14 joined them, but this was still seven MPs short of the required quorum of 33, resulting in the forced adjournment.

Acting Speaker Francis Marus adjourned the House when he walked in at 10.10am and realised only 11 MPs were in the chamber and 20 minutes later adjourned to today when he did not get the required quorum.

Senior Opposition MPs were with new leader Belden Namah at a radio talkback show from 10am, while government MPs were in their various political groupings sorting out leadership issues because of the unlikely return to office of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare who is in intensive medical care at the Raffles Hospital in Singapore after two heart operations.

The lack of numbers coupled with the in-house broken down generator which is unable to provide alternative power for the constant black-outs has plagued Parliament over the past several years.

The House’s air conditioning system is also broken down and plans for its re-fitting with a new system ordered from Brisbane in Australia two years ago have not materialised.

It is understood about K1 million had been allocated to replace both facilities but to date no remedial action have been taken, rendering the House and many other facilities non-functional."

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