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Clive Palmer A FUNDRAISING DINNER for the United Resources Party last weekend, attended by billionaire Mineralogy chairman Clive Palmer [pictured], raised $600,000 (K1.54 million) for the party, which has just six members of parliament

The URP’s MPs include Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma and Environment and Conservation Minister Benny Allen.

Mr Palmer, who owns half the PNG-focused oil and gas company Chinampa Exploration, told people at the dinner that PNG had entered a new frontier, "a start to a new era", according to the Post-Courier newspaper.

"That is why I am here; it's all happening in PNG," he said. "This is the promised land, and with a stable government, and support from the community, it can do anything.

"You have gas, oil and other resources. There is a lot of opportunity here, and the government must create the right environment."

The event, which brought in money through pledges and the sale of tables, was the biggest political fundraiser of the year so far in PNG.

Mr Palmer has also been the prime backer behind efforts to introduce a PNG team in the National Rugby League competition.

Source: The Australian


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Raymond Sekagu Unasi

People can raise millions to fund elections but at the end of the day PNG politics is never predictable. A lowly rated student can beat a million kina candidate, a Grade 10 drop out can outrun a PhD holder and so on.

We still have faith and hope that money won't buy votes. It seems that way in the last 10 years but not very significant, people like to get the richest candidate's money and use it up then not vote for him at all.

The democracy up there is very vibrant and open, though one or two people kill each other for the votes. Let's just hope Australian pollies and businessmen do not contribute to vote buying come 2012.

A good point, Raymond. I think you have indicated what may become a trend - KJ

Colin Huggins

Good grief! Shades of Russ Hinze. I wonder if they could have fitted into one room at once?

What colour paper bags do they use these days, brown or white?

Bernard Yegiora


Phil Fitzpatrick

This article was tucked away in the financial pages of The Australian of 17/5/11.

Clive Palmer, a spinoff from the Joh Bjelke Petersen era, is Queensland’s richest man and reddest redneck. He is also the main benefactor of Queensland’s conservative Liberal National Party.

His fellow miners describe him as “embarrassing” in his pontifications.

He does seem to get things done however.

It sounds like the electioneering for 2012 has begun. It might be well worth watching the United Resources Party.

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