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Rockwell says it will be first into Bougainville


THE MORUMBI Oil & Gas corporation has said, following its acquisition of Rockwell Exploration, that it's “moving aggressively to partner with landowners in Bougainville”.

The autonomous province is one of the world's best endowed gold and copper regions and has excellent potential for the discovery of additional world class deposits. Bougainville has been under an exploration moratorium since 1974.

The Panguna copper and gold mine, which opened in 1972, was forcibly closed by a landowner uprising in 1989 leading to a protracted civil war between Bougainville and PNG [see video].

The current buoyant global metals market and Bougainville's need for funds to finance its reconstruction are driving political momentum towards lifting the moratorium and recommencing full scale mineral exploration and development.

Rockwell claims "a unique relationships and an established presence on Bougainville" and says it is "at the forefront to be a leading participant in the eventual resumption of mining exploration".


Video: A lesson in eco-anarchism from Bougainville (extract from the documentary film, ‘Coconut Revolution’)

Source: Digital Journal


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Leonard Roka

It's a great pleasure to my soul to learn that companies like Morumbi Oil and Gas Corporation are interested in doing business on my beloved Solomon island of Bougainville.

As a native of the Panguna area, I shall say that, there is business in Bougainville, and we are an understanding and respectful people.

As you have stated, Bougainvlle is resource rich and has the highest probability of profitable investment as long as you, as an investor, recognise the islanders' rights to their land. For us, land is our life and that must be respected.

The Panguna copper, cold and silver mine was not closed by my people. It was closed by the infidel PNG's disrespect of the Bougainvilleans.

I say this because the landowners did not have any say in that Bougainville Copper Agreement signed by PNG and the Australian mining company, CRA.

Why? In those days, around 1974, there were no educated people in the Panguna district. People were ignored. Why?

Because as, one of Bougainville's prominent leaders, Martin Miriori, once stated,"the Panguna mine was created to fund the independence of PNG. In essence, Bougainville and her people were a free independence gift to PNG".

Because of this stupidity of PNG, the country that governs my island, we have fallen victims.

As a Bougainvillean, I welcome you to pursue your business interest in Bougainville, Rockwell! Bougainville needs you.

The Bougainville crisis has created in Bougainville a very innovative populace.

So,companies like Morumbi Oil and Gas, who are saying that landowners would be stakeholders, are needed.

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