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The June PNG Attitude was distributed to our 1,100+ subscribers late yesterday.  Articles, opinion, features, debate .... all the usual good reading.  Contact us here to receive your free monthly email copy.  Note that some PNG government agencies are blocking PNG Attitude.  Provide an alternative email address if you're not receiving your requested copy


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Henry Onzem

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for enabling people to voice opinions and insight from within and outside PNG, through PNG Attitude.

I am a student of Theology, presently completing my BTh at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. I am grateful for the voices raised on your website, as they have given me an evolving context to draw inspiration from.

These voices are important because they address issues of economic disparity, social inequality and offer a critique of governance from "below".

They also call into question, the notion of PNG being a Christian nation. Their opinions highlight the use of faith as a medium of oppression, at the expense of communities who hold onto hope as the only tangible in a reality of intangibles.

Whilst PNG is identified as a Christian nation, our traditional practices of faith offer a contrasting view.

"Hearing" the voices of your contributors has offered much fodder for my exploration of theology, being Papua New Guinean, and whether Christianity practiced in the public/political realm is an attempt to create normative structures that marginalise communities.

I enjoy reading PNG Attitude, and encourage you all to continue writing. Your opinions are sorely needed, especially in light of the censorship attempts (per your recent article) being made against your paper.

Keep up the great work.

Peter Kranz

Gelab - I doubt if it is deliberate policy. It may be just the settings on their firewall or spam blocker. There may be ways around this.

Patrick Scarle

Thank you for another excellent report.

Steve Gallagher Darong

PNG Attitude is the voice of ordinary Papua New Guineans and no one shall stop it. We all have the freedom to express our thoughts. We have a freedom to speech. Keep PNG Attitude going.

Gelab Piak

Why are government agencies blocking PNG Attitude emails. It makes me feel like I am living in China. Are we in China? Isn't this call suppression of the media?

Come on, that's like censoring what information your employees read. And what would they read, only government propaganda?

I think everyone has the right to and should read real, honest websites like PNG Attitude, that takes the perspective of the normal, ordinary Papua New Guinean.

And besides that, there are planty of good points and discussion on PNG Attitude, and what's best is that they are honest comments posted by genuine people, not people with false names, etc.

If the government blocks PNG Attitude, it is in violation of UN human rights, freedom of speech and freedom to express of thoughts and ideas.

Peter Kranz

Well, the mag continues to be the best and really the only honest and straightforward commentary on PNG/Australian issues - whether you agree or not with the points made, you must admit they are made honestly and with conviction.

I suggest sending a copy to every PNG and Australian politician - starting with those Aussies who have bothered to visit PNG.

We'll give it a go, Peter, and see who salutes - KJ

Jason Wuri

Interesting issues indeed. With Mr Namah’s life events listed, some of the information is derived from my stories in The National like that of Mr Namah taking over the leadership of PNG Party from Sir Mekere last month. That’s great… I’ll keep you posted.

Donovan Tami

Thanks for sending me the June edition of PNG Attitude. I always enjoy reading it. Thanks a lot and God Bless.

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