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Reaching out to the children of Simbu


THE SIMBU Children Foundation continues with its important work of bringing smiles to the children of Simbu Province.

This time we head for Kebil, one of the remotest schools in the Sinesine region. Boxes of books, toys and clothes were loaded onto a ute and we headed off.

In Simbu only 4WDs take on the off roads. The vehicles are the Mike Tyson of the backblocks but the rugged terrain with its frequent jabs is known for its TKO’s and, yes, we were knocked down twice.

We ran out of spare tyres but that didn’t change our direction’. Finally we arrived at Kebil Community School, a neat little enclave tucked under the clouds of Mt Suwai.

Beaming smiles gave us a rousing welcome. The little hands were clapping and I told myself to be strong but the natural heart let go the tears.

The children wrapped Edwin Wem, Johanes Kola and me in flowers.  Vivid memories of my school days silently sailed through. I was once like these little kids, coming barefoot to be educated. My thoughts slid down to the Wagi and sweet emotions engulfed my heart with continuous droplets bulging in my eyes.

Mr Kapia, one of the teachers, officially welcomed SCF to Kebil and said it was a joyful moment for the school. “For SCF to think of students in remote parts of the province and to physically come to their door steps goes to show the heart you have for your people in these rugged mountains”, said Mr Kapia.

Then Edwin, the architect of the Mt Wilhelm Hotel, offered to do free designs for school buildings, classrooms and teachers’ houses, which was well received by the school board and teachers.

Given the ruggedness of the land and the remoteness of the school, the teachers are to be highly acknowledged for executing their duties to educate the children in Kebil. As a token of appreciation, I officially invited Mr Kapia and the headmaster, Mr Kaupa, to be guests at the SCF Xmas Ball on 23 December in Kundiawa.

SCF is targeting remote schools to distribute the remaining donations from its Team WA. One of our primary targets is the Karamui area which is only accessible by plane and we are still making arrangements. But we will make that visit.

To see the glow on the face of these children lifts our spirits above the clouds of Suwai, our hearts are cleansed with these humble deeds and our love will continue to flow like the mountain streams, pure and true to our dedication to the children.

Jimmy Drekore is President of the Simbu Children Foundation

Source: SCF Newsletter



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Sebastine Yang Sigl

Jimmy - I am logged out for the last 10 months. Please send the monthly news bulletin for SCF to my new email address.

We have provided the new address to Jimmy Drekore - KJ

Peter Kranz

This is a brilliant initiative - congratulations Jimmy and the SCF.

May I also mention similar work being done in the PNG Highlands by Rotary clubs in the Newcastle area to rebuild and improve schools.

Rotary have undertaken many such projects in PNG. Check videos posted by Kapulfilms on Youtube.

Here's a clip explaining work being planned for Nondugl Primary School, Western Highlands, on the border with Simbu.


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