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Kane Solly STUDENTS FROM Southern Cross University in northern NSW are completing a gruelling fitness regime in preparation to walk the Kokoda Track later this month.

The intensive training is putting 60 ‘Kokoda Kids’ from the Tweed, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas through their paces before the 96 km Kokoda Challenge.

The university is the education partner for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program, which consists of intensive physical training, teamwork exercises and community service activities designed to help young people develop self confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.

“Walking the Kokoda Track is the challenge of a lifetime,” said Kokoda Challenge Association chairman Doug Henderson. “

He said the trek will be followed by a further six months of community service activities where the students will volunteer their time to not-for-profit organisations.

Photo: Kane Solly from Tweed Heads stretches out during the Kokoda Challenge training session

Source: Tweed Daily News


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Sam Wallace

This blog article from PNG Attitude showcases the transformative experience of students participating in the Kokoda Trek, highlighting the challenges and personal growth they undergo.

Drawing from my own outdoor adventure experiences, I appreciate the article's portrayal of the physical and mental tests faced by the students, as well as the lessons learned along the way.

The vivid descriptions and compelling narratives make it an inspiring read, emphasising the value of such experiential learning journeys.

Sam Wallace

The blog article on the Kokoda Trek challenging students, featured on PNG Attitude, provides a compelling glimpse into the transformative journey that students undergo during this iconic trek.

Having participated in similar experiential learning programs, I resonate with the author's emphasis on the profound impact such challenges can have on personal growth and resilience.

The article effectively captures the essence of the Kokoda Trek as more than just a physical test but as an immersive experience that fosters teamwork, leadership, and a deep appreciation for history.

The firsthand accounts and anecdotes shared in the blog underline the enduring value of these educational treks, making it an inspiring read for anyone interested in the intersection of adventure, education, and character development on the Kokoda Trail.

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