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Actions must honour words, says Act Now

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY group, Act Now, has welcomed the announcement by Papua New Guinea’s new prime minister Peter O’Neill that his government will establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

"Act Now is very pleased the prime minister has pledged to establish an ICAC and has recognised the crippling effects of corruption in PNG”, said program manager Effrey Dademo.

“Act Now has been campaigning against the blatant stealing of public money and we see the introduction of an ICAC as a necessary step to tackle the problem, but it is only the first step of many that will be required.”

The prime minister told parliament he was acting “in response to the public outcry against the rampant corruption and mismanagement of public money” and is committed to “investigate, charge, prosecute and jail persons, or groups, or companies that have illegally profited from the State’s coffers”.

Act Now says while Mr O’Neill’s words are very heartening and mark a clear separation of his own government from that of Michael Somare, everyone will be watching very closely to see that his actions match his rhetoric.

“As well as looking to the future, and ensuring a well resourced ICAC, the prime minister must ensure the recommendations of previous inquiries like that into the Finance Department are implemented and people already implicated are prosecuted”, said Ms Dademo.


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Reginald Renagi

Well done, Peter O'Neill. It's about time a government set up ICAC, as was mooted many years ago, but the former government lacked the will to do it.

It is worth noting that, in the columns of PNG Attitude, Reg Renagi and Barbara Short have frequently called for such an anti-corruption initiative to be taken - KJ

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