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Croc Prize preparations move into top gear


Anthology Cover 2011 WITH THE inaugural Crocodile Prize awards now just more than a month away (they will be announced on Thursday 15 September), we’re getting down to the business end of Papua New Guinea’s national literary contest, an initiative of PNG Attitude and the PNG Post-Courier.

Phil Fitzpatrick has put the finishing touches on The Crocodile anthology, featuring the best entries in the contest. This will be launched at the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile the judging panel is hard at work selecting the prize winners in the categories of short stories, poetry, and essays.  And Dame Carol Kidu is judging entries in the award for women’s writing named in her honour.

The anthology was sent to the printers this week to ensure it is published in time for the awards.  At the same time, one of the organisers, Patrick ‘Big Pat’ Levo, features editor of the Post-Courier, is selecting his favourite entries for publication in the national daily over the coming weeks.

Over at the Australian High Commission at Waigani, preliminary preparations are being made for the Writers Workshop, to be held in conjunction with the awards, as well as for the prize giving ceremony and reception at the end of the day.

Twenty emerging writers have already accepted invitations to join the workshop, which will be facilitated by Phil Fitzpatrick, Russell Soaba and Steven Winduo, all published authors.

In addition to the packed program organised for 15 September, the workshop will devote time to considering practical matters such as how to get more Papua New Guinean writers published, whether to add a category for novels to the 2012 Crocodile Prize and how to secure more support from government and the private sector to boost indigenous literature in PNG.

Meanwhile, the best short stories, poems and essays – a number of which are world class - have been prepared for publication in the anthology and below we honour the writers for the hard work and rich creativity they have committed to this literary enterprise.

Short Stories (25 stories; 18 writers)

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin, Jeffrey Febi, Bette Carinya Kare, Carolus Ketsimur, Eva Kuson, Pochon Lili, Martyn Namorong, Francis Nii, Patricia Paraide, Ignatius Piakal, Reginald Renagi, Leonard Fong Roka, Gina Samar, Bernard Sinai, Paul Waugla Drekore Wii, Imelda Yabara, Tanya Zeriga-Alone

Poetry (32 poems; 17 writers)

Hinelou Nini Costigan, Jimmy Drekore, Jeffrey Febi, Francis Hualupmomi, Icarus, Janice Isu, David Kitchnoge, Lapieh Landu, Mizraiim Lapa, Martyn Namorong, Gelab Piak, Ignatius Piakal, Fiona Potane, Reginald Renagi, Leonard Fong Roka, Bernard Sinai, Imelda Yabara 

Essays (19 essays; 15 writers)

Corney K Alone, Bapa Bomoteng, Effrey Dademo, Jeffrey Febi, Sharlene Kylie Gawi, Francis Hualupmomi, Icarus, Mathius Kin, David Kitchnoge, Lapieh Landu, Martyn Namorong, Reginald Renagi, Scott Waide, Joe Wasia, Bernard Yegiora

Image: Cover artwork of 'The Crocodile', the Crocodile Prize 2011 anthology


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Reginald Renagi

Well done Keith and Phil for this great initiative.

I do not envy you both for the mammoth task of shifting through a ton of papers to get the final documents prepared for the judging panel's critical scrutiny.

Leonard Roka

I will be there in the 2012 Crocodile Prize.

Harry Topham

Dead right, Phil - Goes to show that the innovation arising from free enterprise will always outshine the tongue-tied thoughts exhibited by bureaucracies.

Phil Fitzpatrick

I told you we should have hired a consultant to do a feasibility study, Keith. There goes any hope for future AusAID funding.

An AusAID feasibility study would have shown: (1) literature is not a core development criterion; (2) writers are peripheral to a nuanced ODA strategy; (3) volunteerism is amateurism; (4) unless there is a budgetary implication no effective movement is possible going forward; and (5) the scheme as proposed could not possibly be operationalised to meet established guidelines - KJ

Barbara Short

Yes, thanks Keith and Phil, and all the writers, who have put so much effort into their work.

I hope you have a wonderful time together. You can put me down for 10 copies of the book. They will make excellent Christmas presents!

George Anders

The Crocodile Prize is a wonderful thing for PNG. Phil, Keith and other organisers, not forgetting the Post Courier, are to be congratulated.

This is really a great voluntary effort. I notice no highly paid consultants! And it’s good to see the High Commission get behind it. But where’s AusAID?

I’ve been reading the excellent entries on the blog for some months now and appreciate that the competition has unearthed a treasure trove of wonderful writing talent in PNG.

PNG Attitude, your readers are proud of you.

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