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Dame Carol Kidu dropped from ministry


Person of the Year IN WHAT CAN only be described as an extraordinary development in Papua New Guinea politics, the sole female parliamentarian in the 109-seat national parliament has been dropped from the ministry.

Dame Carol Kidu, the distinguished and respected Minister for Community Development, was omitted from the 33-strong ministry announced yesterday by prime minister Peter O’Neill, extinguishing the only senior political voice for the nation’s 3.5 million women.

Lady Kidu, 62, an Australian-born politician, is the leader of the Melanesian Alliance Party and has been a courageous and dignified pioneer in pressing for a greater role for women in PNG national affairs.

Born Carol Anne Millwater in Shorncliffe, Queensland, she moved PNG after marrying Buri Kidu, who became Sir Buri Kidu after being knighted in 1980 on his appointment as the first indigenous Chief Justice. She was widowed in 1994 after S rt Buri died of a heart attack.

Lady Kidu entered politics in 1997, and was elected MP for the Port Moresby South seat, being re-elected in 2002 and 2007.

She was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in January 2005.

In 2007, Islands Business magazine named her Person of the Year in recognition of her efforts towards poverty alleviation, against domestic violence and child abuse, against HIV and AIDS and in favour of women's empowerment.

In February 2009, she was made a knight of the Légion d'Honneur by France, for "her dedication to helping women, young girls, children, the physically and mentally impaired and her commitment to fighting discrimination".

Lady Kidu has also received honorary doctorates from Vudal University (Madang), the University of Queensland and the University of Papua New Guinea in recognition of her services to the people of PNG.

More recently she has been in the forefront of moves to have more women elected to the national parliament by means of special seats, a campaign that caused considerable unease among her male counterparts but which excited the Papua New Guinean people. 



Prime Minister

Peter O’Neill

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Forest & Climate Change

Belden Namah

Minister for Treasury & Finance

Don Polye

Minister for National Planning

Sam Basil

Minister for Public Service

Bart Philemon

Minister for Petroleum & Energy

William Duma

Minister for Housing & Urban Development

Ken Fairweather

Minister for Trade, Commerce & Industry

Charles Abel

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology

David Arore

Minister for Justice & Attorney General

Dr. Allan Marat

Minister for Defence

Guma Wau

Minister for Community Development, Religion & Family Affairs

Andrew Mald

Minister for Education

Theodore Zurenuoc

Minister for Public Enterprise

Sir Mekere Morauta

Minister for Agriculture & Livestock

Sir Puka Temu

Minister for Environment & Conservation

Thompson Harokaqvek

Minister for Tourism, Art & Culture

Benjamin Philip

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Immigration

Ano Pala

Minister for Sports

Sali Subam

Minister for Labour & Industrial Relations

Martin Aini

Minister for Health & HIV Aids

Jamie Maxtone Graham

Minister for Internal Security

John Boito

Minister for Fisheries

Job Pomat

Minister for Correctional Services

Sai Beseo

Minister for Communication & Information Technology

Jim Miringtoro

Minister for Inter Government Relations & District Development

Mark Maipakai

Minister for Transport & Works

Francis Awesa

Minister for Mining

Byron Chan

Minister for Implementation & Rural Development

Moses Maladina

Minister for Bougainville Affairs

Steven Pirika

Minister for Lands & Physical Planning

Lucas Dekena

Minister for Civil Aviation

Puri Ruing

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Constitutional Matters

Waka Goi



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Peter Kranz

Well it's too late for this year, but maybe next year PNG leaders could nominate Dame Carol Kidu for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to promoting woman's rights in PNG.

It would be a fitting conclusion to a pretty amazing career.

Reginald Renagi

I share Pamela Rosi's sentiments and, at the same time, do feel sad that the only woman MP has not been included in the new government's ministry line-up.

This is a sad loss of voice for the women of PNG. Lady Kidu is a community champion on many social issues affecting the citizens of our country.

Hold your head high, Lady Kidu, for the people of PNG highly respect you.

We thank you for your tireless efforts to improve the lives of our people through your actions as the former Community Development Minister.

The constituents of Moresby South are very grateful for all you have done for them in your three terms as their MP, and will surely miss your presence in parliament after the 2012 national elections.

Pamela Rosi

This is a terrible development for women in Papua New Guinea.

Lady Kidu is the only voice in Parliament to speak for women.

Joe Wasia

I'm not from the National Capital District but I like the MP for Moresby South and only female MP in the parliament, Dame Carol Kidu and the NCD Action Governor Powes Parkop for demonstrating true leadership.

Thank you Lady Kidu. You have won the hearts of many Papua New Guineans. You have contributed mightly to the nation as a minister since being elected into office..

I believe you will still deliever to the electorate you represent. The recent allocation of portfolios by the O'Neill-Namah government will never stop you from delivering. We are with you, Dame Carol.

In his short time in Parliament Mr. Parkop has done great things in NCD. We are so proud of him. Keep it up governor.

Other 107 MPs must learn from these NCD MPs. The country would turn overnight if all MPs do the same.

Michael Dom

In my opinion, out of all the chaos, losing Dame Carol Kidu as Minister for Community Development was the saddest.

"Oh my Penge/what a precious fool you are?

"Grieve now for what you have done/more so what you have not

"How many good people/must endure you?"

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