So this sinking has really numbed us
Refugee children may go to Manus Island

Let’s be honest with our people, I implore…

Dame Carol MORE DETAILS have emerged of the extraordinary first day's sitting of Papua New Guinea's new parliament under the prime ministershkip of Peter O’Neill.

A boycott of proceedings pending a legal challenge to the legitimacy of the new government left the opposition benches empty except for one member - the ousted community development minister, Dame Carol Kidu.

Lady Kidu, facing down 59 male members of the new government, took a lonely seat at the back of the opposition benches.

From this humble position she launched an impassioned speech questioning if ''we have thrown our constitution to the wind … the ends do not justify the means''.

She congratulated Mr O'Neill on pledges to urgently address corruption, education, health, crumbling roads and infrastructure, but cautioned that ''we do not get caught up in the rhetoric … we have heard this sweet rhetoric over and over.

''Let's be honest with our people, I implore you.''

Lady Kidu had been in South Africa representing Pacific health interests and missed last week’s dramatic events which saw defections from the government enable Mr O'Neill to win the leadership.

Source: Brisbane Times


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Peter Kranz

Whilst paying 'Bohemian Rapsody' by Queen as loud as my amp could go out the open windows.

It fits quite nicely. "Carol Kidu, Carol Kidu - She will not let you go, go, go go..."

Well, I thought it was funny.

Peter Kranz

Reg - Last time Justin Tkatchenko contested. I got into trouble at one of his rallies shouting out: "Carol Kidu, Carol Kidu!"

Reginald Renagi

Its a pity that the Dame missed out on her own Community Development Ministry but she has been an inspiration to all citizens in what she has done to date.

Well done Dame Carol Kidu.

But it's now time to refocus on our Moresby South electorate's needs and what the constituents really want done before the 2012 elections.

Peter Kranz

Dame Carol deserves to be recognised as a heroine.

She alone pushed for women's rights in Parliament for many years and she alone had the guts to sit in the house opposite the new government and gave probably the greatest speech of her career.

Good on her.


Dame Carol Kidu, alone in the Opposition seats.

The irony of it. She always was alone in this seventh parliament of PNG.

The only female politician.

The only voice of reason.

The only person of character.

The only incorruptible leader.

The only MP who would make a great PM, but would probably never get a majority vote.

Her situation is representative of Papua New Guinea.

Hogande Kiafuli

The common fact still shines: Actions speaks louder than words. Promises are like a baby, easy to make but hard to deliver.

If PM O'Neill cannot do what he says he'll do, then he has failed the people.

Wealth and power without integrity is a destructive combination, and a fertile soil for corruption.

I just hope and wish PM O'Neill will do what he says he and his government will do.

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