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Dame Carol Kidu dropped from ministry

New Crocodile award honours Lady Kidu


Torso ORGANISERS OF The Crocodile Prize literary contest have announced a fourth award, this time for a female writer, which will honour the service to the community and to women of Dame Carol Kidu, until yesterday the Minister for Community Development.

Lady Kidu, a much respected figure throughout Papua New Guinea and the only female politician in the national parliament, graciously agreed to have the award created in her name.

The K1,000 Dame Carol Kidu Award for Women’s Literature is in addition to the prizes for poetry, short stories and essays/journalism announced last year and which are being judged at present.

All women (and girls) who entered The Crocodile Prize contest in any category before 30 June will be eligible for the award.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby on Thursday 15 September.

Lady Kidy & Simbu Roses 
Lower photo: Lady Kidu and the Roses of Simbu [Peter Kranz]


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Reginald Renagi

As we all say in the navy: "Bravo Zulu Carol".

Thank you Dame Kidu for your contribution to this year's PNG women writer's Crocodile award.

Peter Kranz

Well, we have a different opinion already. I'm not taking sides, but should have said that to be accurate, we should narrow it down to specific cultural districts, not just provinces.

Yuambari Haihuie

Central,Gulf, NiuAilan, Enga, Simbu, Central.

Peter Kranz

Here's the Boss Meri's best guess -

From left to right (excluding the white ladies): Madang, Kairiku (Central), Hula, Morobe, Simbu, Mekeo

Peter Kranz

To be fair, the last picture is of Lady Carol with some representative women wearing bilas from a range of provinces.

However there is one Simbu Rose there who was very proud to be photographed with Carol.

Anyone like to identify each province represented?

Jeffrey Febi

This is a wonderful recognition of our Dame.

May her name inspire all our womenfolk to flood The Crocodile Prize with their beautiful hearts' tales. I can't wait!

Michael Dom

Well you're both tarred with the same brush, Keith, and that's a real blessing for PNG.

Isn't it said that great minds think alike?

Michael Dom

A very well deserved recognition.

Trust the kiaps to get it right!

With the inclusion of this literary award for women The Crocodile Prize has risen to another level and dimension altogether. I am very proud to be part of this historic event.

This is righteous.

Nice to be included in the illustrious ranks of kiapry, Michael, even though I (but not our kiap laureate Phil) was but a humble tisa and, later, raita (ripota) - KJ

Joe Wasia

Thank you Lady Kidu for giving your name to the Crocodile Prize for women. We know Lady Kidu contributed so much to Papua New Guinea since elected to office in 1997.

She is a very humble, honest and a true leader who fights for the silent majority of PNGeans. We are proud of her.

We are fortunate to have her in the male-dominated parliament house. She is one of very few successful women politicians in PNG.

Dame, we are with you to 2012.

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