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Enga students a big hit at DWU cultural show


Enga Students 
THE DIVINE WORD University cultural show is an annual event in which students from all over Papua New Guinea participate.

All 21 provincial clubs at DWU come together to display their cultures. And on 27 August the show attracted 6,000 people from both PNG and abroad.

It provided an opportunity for Enga students from DWU and the Lutheran School of Nursing, to present themselves as proud Engans.

We are a group of 105 students, member of Enga Student’s Association: 87 from DWU and 18 from the Nursing College.

As a unique province in the country (we speak only one common language across the province) we were proud to showcase this to the crowd. Many tourists (especially Australian, Europeans, Asians and Americans) joined us in the famous Engan dances, waipa and silimuli.

Parents and relatives from the Enga Province came to DWU with traditional costumes and bilas to dress their sons and daughters for the occasion.

It’s an expensive exercise to take part in the show: the cost of hiring costumes, transport for each parent from Madang to Enga (K140), food and accommodations was all met by the Enga Students Association and individual students.

The DWU Cultural Show Committee gives K500 to each provincial club to take part. The rest of the cost is met by the club.

The Enga students participation in this year’s show was more successful than ever. This was made possible by financial assistance from reputable people like Namba Tumu (K500), Dr Jimmy Aipit (K500), Joe Tari Tipanja (K400), Fr Dr Robert Laka (K500), Max Kitao (K500), Peter Andoi K300 and Peter Lyakae (K400) and from other personal contributions. Big thanks to them.

We are proud of sponsors, parents, and ESA executives for making this event the most successful ever.

Joe Wasia is 2011 President of the DWU Enga Students’ Association


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Charles Peter

Waoooo! Proud Engans keep the very culture that holds the province together.

I'm proud of my province. Thumbs up to Joe Wasia, former President of the Association for organizing the provincial students to participate in this event.

And also putting it on internet. Your are great, man.

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