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Wounded illager after police attack JUST ONE DAY after Independence Day celebrations had excited the nation, villagers at Tokain in the Madang Province were allegedly attacked by a Police Mobile Squad team.

Men and women were rounded up and beaten, while food gardens and property were destroyed.

The reason: police retaliated after youths from the area attacked an officer who had fired on them.

The officer was responding to an earlier attack on a Toyota Hilux by the youths.

They had attacked the vehicle because they suspected its occupants to be kidnappers.

Last month villagers in Madang had been warned by police to be aware of kidnappers who were supposedly harvesting organs for transplants.

It seems one piece of misinformation about organ transplant has led to the destruction of an entire community.

Police have demanded twelve pigs and cash as compensation for the attack on their colleague.

Villagers are also contemplating a civil case against the State to demand compensation for the damage.

If only our police could beat the crap out of all the real thieves who are destroying our environment, stealing our land and resources, and bribing their way through.

If only, the police could protect villagers and whistleblowers like Dr Rona Nadile instead of harassing them. If only...

Source: The Namorong Report, 22 September


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